Yorglass Accelerates Their Success Received Bosch's 2021 Global Supplier Award
August 2021

As one of Turkey's largest 500 industrial companies that give life to the Turkish economy, we lead our industry with our 47-year-old history. We operate in the fields of industrial glass processing and flat glass trade, making strong contributions to both the regional and national industries with our value-added products. We continue our work passionately with the vision of being the leader of industrial glass processing. We export 50 percent of the products we produce, and we deliver to nearly 60 countries on six continents. With our market share of 50 percent in our country and 25 percent in Europe, we have become a strong force next to our business partners.

Selected among 23 thousand suppliers from 16 countries
Our company that is taken as an example with its outstanding works, continues to add success stories every day.  We have recently been selected as one of the best suppliers globally of the Bosch Group. Within the scope of Bosch Global Supplier Awards, which were granted for the 17th time this year, awards were distributed in the categories of Purchasing of Indirect Materials, Raw Materials, and Components, Purchasing of Direct Materials - Mobility Solutions, Industrial Technology and Consumer Goods, and Sustainability. The newly introduced “Sustainability” category focused on activities to mitigate global warming. We received the award in the category of Purchasing of direct materials – Consumer Goods. The award that Europe's largest home appliance manufacturer BSH nominated us, was presented at the ceremony held at our Çerkezköy facility, which started operating last year. This award showed us once again that we are walking on the right path. Based on that, we are very grateful to Bosch for the award and the associated recognition. This recognition underscores our deep commitment to our customer's success.

A Sustainable Future
We carry out our work by adopting technology and innovation as a principle and we continue our activities successfully to meet the demands of the market with our high standard products.  We place the understanding of sustainability at the core of all our work. We are the only company in our sector that is a member of the UN Global Compact. We are proud of our promise to guarantee a sustainable future with the work we put forward. Because a happy future for our children depends only on a sustainable understanding of nature. We are growing with a passion for a better world. Therefore, we envision our future within this framework.

Interest in white goods increased
In the last two years, we have experienced a period where more time is spent at home, people's purchasing preferences have changed, and the home appliances industry has also been positively affected by changing consumer preferences. As a matter of fact, our valuable organization BEYSAD has a great responsibility in terms of bringing both us and white goodsprofessionals together, having the opportunity to create a common dialogue, and bringing a global point of view to the visionary perspective of the sector.

In the next phase, as Yorglass, we will continue to fulfill our duties, will grow consistently with our work, and move towards the world of tomorrow by speeding up our exciting achievements. As our company moves forward with confident and strong steps into the future, it will continue to set the rules in our sector with its activities, reputable corporate culture that has reached half a century, effective customer relations, and business methods.

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