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BEYSAD (White Goods Suppliers Association) commenced its activities in 1993 with the support of Turkish main industry firms as well and has been performing activities as a successful non-governmental organization in order to ensure Turkish white goods supply industry firms are promoted in foreign markets.

Alongside with its above main objective, BEYSAD publishes a magazine periodically and makes sure both main industry firms and supply industry firms in the sector know about developments in the sector and assumes a significant mission in overseas, as 60 copies of the BEYSAD magazine are received by the senior purchasing directors of foreign main industry firms.

BEYSAD has 182 members. The Board of Directors of BEYSAD composed of 9 members meets once in a month at BEYSAD headquarters to discuss problems in the sector, listen to the requests of its members and find solutions to problems.

The Board of Directors also implements projects suggested to BEYSAD which it deems useful for the industry and its members (e.g. 5% discount from PO Automatic Car Recognition System, resolution of the industrial problems by contacting relevant authorities in Ankara, preparation of a Strategy Paper for the sector and making available the compiled data to the use of its members.) Just as BEYSAD hosts representatives of main industry firms, it attends events and meetings organized in foreign countries. News about BEYSAD can be accessed in the e-magazine section of its website.

While approving membership applications, BEYSAD requires that the applicant does business in line with professional ethics and offers services to at least one white goods company.

Membership entrance fee of TL 3000 is collected on a one-off basis and annual membership fee is charged for subsequent periods. Annual membership fee is charged once in a year and is proportionate to firm's headcount. BEYSAD makes its correspondence via e-mail.

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