We Proudly Share That We Moved Our Company to the Digital Age with Transfarma
June 2023

Digital Transformation

We are implementing a new ERP and MES system as part of our digital transformation initiative to integrate digital technology into all areas of business operations and processes.  To support this vision, we chose to move forward with one of the next generation ERP systems, IFS. This transformation will enable us to realize horizontal and vertical integration.  The MES system, which will be integrated into the ERP infrastructure, will strengthen vertical integration and enable us to efficiently manage the production process from start to finish. We aim to increase our corporate performance and efficiency by including artificial intelligence technologies in this process. Ultimately, digital transformation will enable us to stay competitive and lead the way in an ever-changing market.


Robotic Automation  

We are trying to increase efficiency and reduce the need for manual labor in our production facility by making use of robotic automation to support our long-standing lean manufacturing efforts. We have provided 75% robotic automation in mechanical and polishing processes, and we continue to implement robotic automation in assembly and other processes. We will also incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) visual control systems into our processes. Autonomous transfer will be used to provide a safe and efficient production area. As a result, our facility will become more efficient and cost-effective with robotic automation, and will continue to increase its goal of stable quality in production.



We are determined to reach the zero carbon 2050 target within the scope of sustainability, which is an integral part of our corporate identity. In order to reduce our energy consumption, we carry out energy efficiency studies and implement plans to install energy-efficient lighting and invest in high-energy class motors. We are switching to sustainable materials and packaging to reduce our environmental footprint. We also invest in green energy solutions to reduce our environmental impact and achieve our zero carbon target. Roof and land solar energy system investments are included in our short-term plans to create renewable energy sources.


January, 2024 – IFS Implementation

2025 – MES Implementation

2024 – Artificial Intelligence Visual Control Application

2030 – 90% Robotic Automation

2030 – 50% Artificial Intelligence Visual Control Application

2030 – 50% Autonomous Transport

December,2024 – 60% Renewable Energy (100% green electricity use)

2025 – 12% Energy Savings

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