The ATM Company Will Now Be Easier To Achieve Its Strategy And Targets
June 2022

ATM Senior management has been carrying out Balanced Score Card activities since April in order to shape the future of the company and turn its strategies into action.

 The Balanced Score Card approach is an effective management tool that supports companies to reach their strategies and goals more easily in today's competitive conditions.

 Within the scope of Balanced Score Card activities, ATM Senior management first defined the Company's Vision, Mission and Values ​​with the workshops it held.

After determining the Vision and Mission, company targets were determined in four dimensions with a SWOT analysis study, taking into account not only the financial dimension but also the customer, internal processes and employees dimensions.

 In order to achieve the company goals successfully, it is not enough to set the Vision, Mission and Company Goals alone.  In order to receive the support and contribution of the employees in achieving the goals, the systematic dissemination of the goals to the employees at all levels should also be realized.

 For this purpose, ATM Company held the “Vision, Mission, Values ​​and Goals” ceremonies with the participation of all employees in both its Manisa (10 May) and Gebze (12 May) factories.

During the ceremony, ATM Chairman of the Board Besim Oktayer and the managers shared the goals with all employees and informed the employees about how to reach these goals.  Information and videos supporting the dissemination excited the employees and increased their motivation for the targets.

 At the end of the ceremony, a booklet describing the Vision, Mission and Values ​​of the ATM Company was distributed to all employees in memory of the day.  On the last page of the booklet, a section is reserved for employees to fill in their personal goals, and employees can fill in their personal goals that will contribute to the company's goals on this page.

 As a result of all these studies and systematic dissemination, ATM management strategies have become easier to manage.  Now it's up to the timely realization of the planned projects and activities in order to achieve the goals.

 At the end of these briefings and with the One Team - One Voice approach, ATM employees wholeheartedly believe that they will be able to achieve all their goals successfully and maintain the satisfaction of all their stakeholders.

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