Tekkan Plastic R&D Center Established
March 2022

TEKKAN Plastik has built its production strategies on the motto of “production for a sustainable future”. We have determined the motto of our R&D Center, which has been active since 2020, as "Technological and Recyclable Nature-Friendly Packages Carrying Life" and we embarked on a beautiful journey with our strong team. In this journey we embarked on, we completed our R&D Center application.

As of 29/11/2021, our company Tekkan Plastik was entitled to receive the R&D Center Certificate given by the Ministry of Industry and Technology.

Tekkan Plastik mainly works for the white goods, automotive and electrical industry sectors. Since its establishment in 1989, it has been serving with a rich and original product range. With the experience from the past in the field of plastic injection, the process, which starts with product design, mold design and production, is accompanied by the selection of appropriate raw materials thanks to its knowledge on engineering plastics. In addition to plastic injection and molding activities, our competent and experienced teams also offer engineering solutions and robot automation solutions. Our company, which has been providing R&D solutions to all the institutions it has been in cooperation with since the day it was founded, will now carry out its R&D activities with the registration of the ministry. It is our priority to build a sustainable future with our expert R&D team, each of whom is experienced in their own field, has a master's degree or a PhD and rich laboratory infrastructure.

Recycling is a Human Value!
It is possible to find all the strategies of the R&D center in this defined slogan of our company, which puts people at the center. TEKKAN Plastik, with its experienced employees, aims to develop science and technology, new products and processes in the plastics industry, and to finish these processes with innovation and academic mind. Science, technology, academic mind and the resulting Innovation is the roadmap of the R&D center. The main objective of our R&D Center and all the units established under it is to accept market research and the trends of the Global plastics market as inputs, to guide innovation management, to provide technically regular, market-leading and stable growth. The market research accepted by the R&D center as inputs and the trends of the Global plastics market show that the product-oriented development of TEKKAN Plastic should also be reflected in the R&D center. In this context, both internal, national and global expectations will guide the strategies of the R&D center.

Our company, which works to supply the best quality products to the market as soon as possible by verifying the products developed within the center with the laboratories within the R&D center, carries out the machine park modernization with the motto of Industry 4.0, which is the latest trend of science, and artificial intelligence applications, and started and continues its activities with the aim of presenting quality at high performance. It is among the objectives of the center that the R&D center factory undertakes the important task of developing a method to manage numerically in the light of data.

Thanks to the methods developed by R&D in the manufacturing processes, it is ensured that the final products can be used without any problems, with high quality and performance. Thus, the relationship between our R&D center and our customers can continue on the basis of quality and innovation.

TEKKAN Plastik, with its innovative and efficient design techniques, taking into account customer requests focuses on new materials, recycling strategies, analysis and optimization, physical verification and testing methods, advanced/new material technologies and presents R&D outputs to customer service.

With our validation techniques and experience, our R&D team, questioning each development input from the design stage to the marketing stage of a new product, has adopted the principle of keeping the product performance and customer satisfaction at the highest level throughout the product lifecycle, by monitoring the product even after the product is put on the market. Short-, medium- and long-term strategies have been determined in order to have a title such as "Producing Plastics That Life Can Fit" on a global scale.

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