Life Saving Glass from Yorglass
June 2023

Positioned as the global and reliable supplier of the glass world for half a century, Yorglass acts within the framework of the sustainability principle in every step it takes. While the company sees sustainability as the main force that shapes every stage of the products it implements throughout the entire life cycle, it also respects the right to life of living things.  Yorglass, which offers its new innovative product Safe Sky to the sector with this sensitivity, prevents birds, one of the most important creatures of the ecosystem, from crashing into the windows during their flight and losing their lives. Safe Sky, which is noticed by the birds with the patterns on it, reduces the accidents by 84 percent.


Yorglass, which gives life to glass, has created another very important product called Safe Sky to protect the ecological balance and to carry life to the future in the most sustainable way. With its Safe Sky product, Yorglass protects the freedom of life of birds and once again reveals the importance of a sustainable perspective in production. Yorglass Chairman and CEO Semavi Yorgancılar, who pointed out that around one billion birds lose their lives every year due to the standard glass used, said that they took action to change this tragic picture and that they believed that the innovative product would bring a new perspective to the entire glass industry.


Traces of innovation and sustainability in glass with Safe Sky

Semavi Yorgancılar stated that as Yorglass, they carry out production and product development studies in harmony with the environment with their pioneering identities that shape the sector; he said: “Manufacturing may be the conversion of a resource into a product, but we go far beyond that with responsible manufacturing. Within the framework of our global priorities, we do our best to protect the right to life of every living thing on Earth and act with the awareness of our responsibilities as a corporate citizen in matters that fall within our field of activity. We have developed Safe Sky exactly as a result of this production approach. As the only UN Global Compact signatory in its sector, we are proud of developing such a special product. By showing the traces of innovation and sustainability in glass with Safe Sky, we aim to ensure that the birds we share the same planet with have a safer flight field. There are very good examples of this in the world. When we look at Western countries, we see that there are legal measures to help prevent birds from hitting the windows of buildings. For example, the city of Toronto stands out as the first city to include bird-friendly guidelines in the green building standard, with its decision taken in 2011. At this point, we fully believe that similar decisions can be taken within the framework of sustainability in our country as well.”


Reduces accidents by 84%

Semavi Yorgancılar also conveyed the technology and test results used in Safe Sky: “Thanks to the special patterns on the windows in Safe Sky, they are noticed by the birds flying between the buildings and minimize the possible accidents. When we look at the tunnel test results of our Safe Sky product, which we started trial studies in 2021, the threat factor was determined as 16 percent, I can say that this result is quite promising. Again, we saw that our product prevented the risk of an accident by birds hitting the glass by 84 percent. It is our greatest wish that birds can fly freely and safely with Safe Sky today, where around one billion birds die every year due to the standard glasses used. Because the safer the sky, the freer the birds will be, just like our future, which we support with sustainable policies…”

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