Haier Europe Turkey Suppliers Events
3,6,9-16 September 2021

Haier Europe started operating its new washer-dryer manufacturing plant in Eskişehir and is currently building a new dishwashing manufacturing plant in Eskişehir OIZ Haier Campus in the framework of the company’s investments in Turkey. In order to celebrate the news and share our future plans, they organized a series of events in small groups in the new facility on September 3, 6, 9, and 16. The events include an opening, a technical tour of the factory, presentations and evaluations, and a lunch.

We attended the one on September 9, where we firstly listened to an entertaining and friendly video presentation given by Washer-Dryer Manufacturing Plant Manager M. Kemal Çayırlı on their investments and particulars of the ongoing construction.

Next, CFO Hilmi Ersoy provided a detailed presentation on the Supplier Financing System and conducted a Q&A session to listen cordially to the problems of suppliers.

The last presentation was given by Haier Europe Turkey Purchasing Director Maurizio Lanzara. Mr. Lanzara’s speech was on “Where we are at, where do we want to be, and how we can do it”. He said that the world’s leading white goods company Haier is making very important investments in Turkey and by 2023, Turkey will be the second major region for Haier after China. He stated that their market share in Europe is 7% and they are the 5th in Europe and by 2023, they aim to rise to the 3rd place. The company comes first in Europe in terms of smart goods; however, in order to increase their market share in all the product groups, their goal is to increase their sales 2-fold, namely by 70%. Emphasizing that they can only achieve it with their suppliers, he finalized his speech saying, “We need to create an accurate and fast flow of communication; therefore, we are working on system software, which we plan to carry into effect in 9 months.”

We, BEYSAD, would like to thank Haier for these events and hope that their new investments will bring good to the sector and our country.    

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