Deka's Volex PLC Signed A Sales Contract
December 2020

Founded in 1993, Deka became Europe, Middle East and Africa’s leading plug-in cable producer with its 3 production facility in Turkey and Romania and over 400 employees and on November 12, 2020, a contract was signed to sell Deka to Volex PLC located in Britain.

Deka’s statement suggests that;
Deka, under its new ownership structure, is now a big part of the Volex group; however it will continue to be operated as a separate legal entity without any changes under its company name and all the duties at the management level will remain as is.

With the contract in question, the expertise Volex has in design and production as well as the advantages being a part of a bigger group brings in terms of scale and synergy including having access to global sales will translate into new benefits for Deka’s new customers and shareholders.

Being operated in 20 countries throughout Asia, Europe, and America for over 100 years, Volex employs 6000 individuals. Please click for more information.  

BEYSAD wishes good luck for all the parties and for our industry.

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