Borçelik, A Member Of Responsible Steel Now
March 2022

Borcelik, one of the Borusan Group companies, Turkey's largest and highest quality galvanized steel producer, has been accepted to the Responsible Steel organization, which continues its activities with the vision of "building a sustainable future for the steel industry". Borcelik thus became one of the first flat steel producers in Turkey to be accepted into Responsible Steel.

Aiming to become an indispensable player in the global arena by producing high value-added materials in line with sustainability goals, Borçelik has been accepted as a member of Responsible Steel, the world's first organization founded on environmentally and socially responsible steel production and aiming at standardization specific to the steel industry in this regard.

Within the scope of the organization, in which the world's leading steel producers and steel associations are members, Borçelik is committed to establishing and continuing to work in line with Responsible Steel standards, which cover socio-economic and environmental sustainability issues and are audited by an independent audit firm. The company aims to obtain the prestigious Responsible Steel certificate in terms of sustainability by reviewing its production according to these standards in 2022.

Borçelik is among the leaders of sustainability
Indicating that reducing carbon dioxide emissions in the steel industry is one of the priority topics, Borçelik’s General Manager Kerem Çakır stated that the industry has prioritized sustainability, especially in recent years, and continued his words as follows:

“Sustainability is now an initiative that should be on everyone's agenda. It is important to address this issue in a much more inclusive way, not just climate-focused. In the face of this reality, all sectors and countries need to act collectively, and all stakeholders need to take this situation very seriously and take action for a livable future. The measures taken by the EU in this context, which have an economic impact and which other developed countries will follow, should be taken seriously. Responsible Steel is the first organization in the world that brings together manufacturers and associations in the steel industry and was established with the aim of making our industry more sustainable. It is the most respected organization of our sector in its field, with its standards consisting of 12 principles that cover governance and socio-economic issues originating from steel production. As Borçelik, we undertake to comply with these principles with the acceptance of our Responsible Steel membership. We are very happy to be among the leading institutions that build sustainability in our sector.”

Borusan deals with sustainability in an inclusive way
Borusan Holding and Group companies see sustainability as the cornerstone of their business processes and handle it in an inclusive way, while conducting their operations in the focus areas of climate, people and innovation. Aiming to be carbon neutral in 2030 within the scope of its focus areas, Borusan Holding also addresses many issues from a sustainability perspective, from gender equality to social benefit, from climate crisis to loss of biodiversity, from competence gain to equal working conditions, from occupational health and safety to innovation, while considering sustainability as a stakeholder-based structuring and works to create “benefit” for all life by incorporating nature into its business processes.


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