Başoğlu Kablo To Invest 600k Euro For Additional Production Line
March 2023

Başoğlu Kablo, which invested in an additional production line in order to meet the incoming demands, plans to increase its solar cable capacity by 25 percent with an investment of approximately 600 thousand Euros.

Başoğlu Kablo, which produces low and medium voltage cables, continues its activities with its facilities in Turkey and Poland.  The headquarters of the company, which produces in a total of four factories in Turkey, two in Bolu, one in Tekirdağ and the other in Manisa, are located in Istanbul.  The company produces for the construction, white goods, lighting, iron and steel, glass industry, automotive, rail systems, mining, health, food, shipbuilding, machinery and electricity sectors.  Başoğlu Kablo General Manager Tolga Başoğlu said that they are among the first companies to obtain the solar cable certificate in Turkey.  Emphasizing that the demand for solar cables has also increased in the domestic market, Başoğlu said, “Our solar cable production lines are already full by the beginning of 2023.  We have invested in a new line in our Bolu facility," he said.  Explaining that their investment for the additional production capacity for the solar cable production line is 600 thousand Euros, Başoğlu said that they want to increase their production volume by 25 percent once the investment comes into play.  Emphasizing that their year-end turnover target is 75 million Euros, Başoğlu stated that the indicators are in this direction.  Stating that the tendency towards renewable resources has increased due to the increase in environmental sensitivities, Başoğlu said, “Many countries in Europe have focused on SPP investments.  Our exports to Germany, which is among these countries, in the field of solar cables have increased significantly," he said.

Payback period of SPP investments shortened with the increase in energy costs
Stating that they do cable grouping in their factories in Tekirdağ, Çerkezköy Organized Industrial Zone and they mainly serve the white goods sector, Başoğlu said, "We produce cable grouping, silicone extrusion and gaskets in other factories in Bolu."  Underlining that the investment in roofs has decreased with the increase in price, Başoğlu said, "When we look at SPP investments, we see that one of the biggest reasons for the increase in demand is the shortening of the investment's own amortization period."

Underlining that they export to approximately 50 countries, Başoğlu said, “The European market constitutes the bulk of our turnover on the export side.  We also have plans to open up to the Turkic Republics in terms of new markets.  We also do cable grouping in our factory in Poland.  We send the productions there to the African market.”

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