TURKHAS Ur-Ge Team traveled to Italy
28-30 May 2018

As a part of the TURKHAS 2 Ur-Ge Project that is carried out in cooperation with TET-BEYSAD, a trip to Italy was made to Italy on May 28-30, 2018. The trip that involved 18 people from 10 companies, 9 of which being BEYSAD members, included visits to Whirlpool, Candy, and Electrolux.

Each day one company was visited and during every visit, mutual introductory presentations were followed by factory tours and B2B meetings. During the organization, 33 B2B meetings were held.

Mr. Ş. Burak Özaydemir, President of the Executive Board of BEYSAD, stated about the trip: “As a part of Turkhas 2, our joint Ur-Ge project with TET, we held a commercial trip to Italy with our members to visit Global White Appliances manufacturers Whirlpool, Candy, and Electrolux’s European Purchasing Centers and Production Facilities.

We had the opportunity to see the products and technologies at the production facilities of these companies that represent a significant amount of the total production in Europe as well as listen to the current status of strategies and purchasing processes of them at the purchasing meetings. Following general sessions, our members had B2B meetings with the respective purchasing representatives on the companies and their products and determined opportunities and the next steps.

We believe that by giving presentations that highlight Turkey’s leading status in the sector and wide suppliers’ network, BEYSAD provided a positive contribution in the perception of Turkey.

We think that it is beneficial that our Committee should not limit itself to Italy to increase the direct exports of our member companies and focus on contacts in all locations and that the respective main industries will review their purchasing strategies from Turkey.”

Committee Head Mr. Besim T. Oktayer on behalf of the Union of Electric and Electronic Exporters (TET) gave the following statement: “A TET - BEYSAD project has been successfully concluded. In the framework of Strengthening International Competition communiqué, we were in Italy, the heart of White appliances, with the participants of the 2nd TURKHAS. Another significance of this trip was the companies, we organized visits to, had their headquarters located in Italy. This way, the participants could establish contact with the purchasing executives. Thanks to the much effort put before the trip, they found well-prepared hosts. With this opportunity we could introduce the suppliers’ industry potential of Turkey to them as well as present about our members who could not join the trip – a presentation much needed for Turkish exports.

Our participants made new contacts at their B2B meetings. The executives from Whirpool, Candy, and Electrolux, which we visited, told us that they were quite happy about our visit and that these kinds of visits were always important to improve cooperation and encouraged us to organize more trips in the future.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank once again Murat, Hande and Ayşegül for making this trip such a successful one.”

We, BEYSAD, would like to thank initially Besim Oktayer and TET executives, Branch Manager Mr. Murat Tuncel and Specialist Mrs. Hande Bargu Celayir and all our members who participated. Looking forward to meeting you again at other beneficial trips.

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