Maktel Makina ve Tel Sanayi A.Ş Celebrates Its 50th Anniversary

One of the building blocks of the industry of our country, which is opening up to the world with thousands of usage areas, the spring, which was imported on a large scale in the late 60s, drew the attention of Çetin Şaman, Ünal Dündar, Deniz Çınaroğlu and Tümer Sancak, who strengthened friendships in the Birgi industry before; and they established Maktel A.Ş in 1971 and they took a big step in this branch by making the first spring machine.

Moved to Kartal facilities in 1972 to increase its capacity and start mass production, Maktel has become the largest spring manufacturer in our country by constantly improving its technology.

Maktel produces with its international level technology, wide machine park, expert staff and rich material stock. Maktel, which has an annual processing capacity of 1200 tons in the range of 0.20 to 8.00 mm wire diameter. The company produces compression, tension, sleeve, form springs, band springs, valve and circlip springs, spring- and screw-hose clamps and machining parts. It is an industrial brand that exists in all areas of life, from automotive to defense industry, from white goods to electric-electronics, from aviation to energy and medical industry. And in this direction, it meets all the needs of its customers on time.

Turkey's pioneering and leading producer spring company Maktel continues to shape the future of the sector with its vision of continuous improvement and increasing service quality while meeting high quality standards. It carries out its production in Büyükbakkalköy Maltepe facilities with a total area of ​​21,000 square meters - 5,300 square meters of which is closed area. The company carries out production with the latest technology machinery - approximately 150 units, 80% of which are CNC, located in its production facility. Under the leadership of its experienced administrative and technical staff, nearly 170 employees who are experts in spring design and production work every day to develop new products with solution-oriented and creative production methods, with the slogan "The one in the spring".

Maktel continues its export activities in a wide area including Europe, the Middle East, the USA, Scandinavian and North African countries.

The packaging logistics unit of Maktel, which produces springs in accordance with international standards and customer demands, also works with the 5S system. It introduces its quality and reliability to the whole world with the domestic and international fairs it participates in. It is a must for Maktel to produce in the fastest, most accurate, most economical and error-free way.

In line with this,
It is the only spring company in Turkey that produces with ISO 9001 - 2015, ISO 45001 - 2018, ISO 14001 - 2015 and IATF 16949 - 2016 Certificates.

Using technological quality control devices from the entrance quality control to the final inspection control, Maktel also carries out various applications in terms of salt test and fatigue test. Maktel, which is also very sensitive to the environment, is the biggest source of pride in the "SME Environment Encouragement Award" awarded by ISO, with its ecological understanding that gives nature what it takes from nature.

In the light of all this,
Under the leadership of Chairman of the Board Mr. Ünal Dündar, Vice Chairman of the Board Selman Dündar and Member of the Board of Directors Ali Mutlu Sancak, Maktel celebrated its 50th anniversary in December 2021 with the participation of all its employees in Pendik The Green Park Hotel and gave a plaque of appreciation to its employees who completed their 25th, 30th, and 40th years.

On this occasion, as the Maktel family, we wish God's mercy upon our founding members, Çetin Şaman, Deniz Çınaroğlu, Tümer Sancak and their employees, and thank everyone who has contributed so far.     

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