Gençler Kablo to continue investing
September 2019

After moving to its Eskişehir campus in 2010, Gençler Kablo gave a momentum to its investments and completed the investment for automatic plug-in cables production line within the same year, which the company renewed with energy-efficient, autocontrolled fast lines in 2013. The company increases its production capacity with each investment and also, expanded its laboratory equipments and completed the invesment in qualified appliances that perform critical testing in-house, like Rohs, and then, applied to TURKAK to become an accredited laboratory. Besides its plug-in line investment in 2015, the company realized its goal for a sustainable future by investing in konipak machines that eliminate 95% of cardboard box packaging materials used for cables. All the investments are done with eco-friendly thoughts in mind; they have energy-efficient and environment-friendly components and parts with a closed circuit system and causing 0 waste.

The company increased its existing plug-in cable production capacity from 1,6M pcs/month to 2,6M pcs/month with the investment realized in July 2019. With this increase, the company expanded its global supply network of plug-in cables besides cables from Europe to all the continents. The company carries its preparation for plug-in cable machine investments by building a new factory in its present premises planned to be expanded in 2020.


Gençler Kablo celebrates its 40th anniversary and its 30 years of presence in the White Goods Industry this year


Gençler Kablo Board Member Arden Çakır states that they carry out investments not only in machines and automation but also in human and values in parallel. He gave the following statement regarding the process:


“Let me summarize the development of Gençler Kablo. The foundations of our company were laid 40 years ago in 1979 by Faruk Çakır. The company offered service by producing several types of cables including NYAF, TTR, Antigron, and Coaxiel cables to meet the need for cables in the domestic market. 


In 1990’s, as the White Goods Industry’s demand for local suppliers increased, new suppliers were needed. Gençler Kablo planned investment in this area and gained expertise as a White Goods supplier. Later on, the company started producing plug-in cables after its investments done in the early 2000’s and after adding plug-in cables to its product portfolio, the company earned a leading position in the industry. With these investments, the company moved its Istanbul production facility to Eskişehir Organized Industry Zone in 2010. Now we carry on production in Eskişehir.


This year, we started a project that will affect our next 10-year production. We decreased our manual production processes and gave our company an automation infrastructure. Our monthly production capacity for plug-in cables from 1,6 million pieces to 2,6 million pieces with the new automatic plug-in cables production lines (Curti-Line). The first part of this invesment has been built, started operations and will meet the increased demands of the market and improve our production quality.


We are alrady aware of the significance of automation and Industry 4.0; the machine investments we did in line with this will increase our plug-in cable production capacity by 62% and standardize our production quality.


In my humble opinion, a company must first invest in human resources; otherwise the machine to be bought is just a complicated product of engineering. Therefore, you must, first of all, employ the right human resources and then, every industrial piece you will acquire lives as an organic part of your factory.


I would like to use the saying “A rolling stone gathers no moss”. Let us think the machine investment of a production facility as a metal construction. In order for this construction to stand upright, these 3 constant values are needed: right employment – efficient machines – target market. We aimed to establish the most efficient formula based on these 3 constant values. Within the framework of our company’s vision, we wish to increase our national standards in the domestic as well as global markets thanks to our new Curti lines and add value to our products.


In this regard, I would like to extend my love and respect to the estemeed BEYSAD readers.”


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