Candy-Hoover 2018 Suppliers’ Day Held
10 May 2018

Europe’s fastest growing white goods company Candy Hoover Group held a Suppliers’ Day in Eskişehir on Thursday, May 10 with the message “We are growing together” where it introduced its new dishwasher factory. The Group with its new factory that has the latest automation systems and production technologies in line with the Industry 4.0 approach and a production capacity of 800 thousands items per year aims to make Turkey the production base of washers in Europe. 

A good many suppliers from several cities and countries came to the program where BEYSAD Executive Board President Mr. Ş. Burak Özaydemir gave a speech.

The program started by visiting the Dishwasher Factory, a new investment in Eskişehir. The meeting program was held in Eskişehir Turunç Otel at 14.30. All the units, product groups and Candy-Hoover Group’s new visionary works met with attendees through impressive videos.

Firsly, Washers Business Sector President and Executive Board Member  Aldo Fumagalli and then, Turkey Country Director Servet Akkaynak, Cookers Group Technical Operations Director Giulia Lasagna, Quality Director Giulio Zanoni, Washing Machine Product Manager Luca Giangaspero, Dryer Product Manager Andrea Spinelli, Global Purchasing Director Corrado Lo Maglio and lastly, Turkey Purchasing Director Maurizio Lanzara presented information about their units and said that they grow together with their suppliers and what they can do to become better.

Candy Hoover Group Washer Business Sector President and Executive Board Member Aldo Fumagalli who gave a speech at the event highlighted that the Group’s future goals include changing technology and stated that they will release an artificial intelligence washing machine and a smart oven that understands personal needs through AI and acts accordingly. 

Fumagalli shared Candy’s current successful place in the world and strategic development plans with their suppliers. He proudly stated that they give much importance to innovation and they are the company that invests the most in R&D and innovation. He underlined that “The more you invest in innovation, the higher you earn.” 

He said that they have come a long way in artificial intelligence, and smart and connected home appliances and that they have so many more special plans and projects to take on. He expressed their confidence in smart washing machine and smart ovens. He said: “It would not be right to call it an oven; it is a smart center, the contact center of the whole house, and the ecosystem mind.” 

Candy Hoover Turkey General Manager Servet Akkaynak stated that Candy Hoover Group, one of the leading companies in the small and major home appliances including solo and built-in appliances, invested about 70 million Euros - 25 million Euros of which being R&D investment, in Turkey since 2007. Mr. Akkaynak reminded that Candy Hoover Group was among the top 100 exporters of Turkey in 2016 with an export amount of 144 million Dollars and said that they have exported for an amount of 188 million Dollars in 2017 and will be higher in the ranking.

Servet Akkaynak summarized the reasons for investing in Turkey as developed suppliers’ industry, trained HR, location advantage, and governmental incentive support and said that they will keep on investing.

Maurizio Lanzara, having given the last speech, said that Turkey could be much more local with this suppliers potential and there was still much to do.

The program also had 2 guest speakers: BEYSAD Executive Board President Ş. Burak Özaydemir and Strategy and Innovation Adviser Mustafa İçil.

Besides giving information about BEYSAD and its activities, Ş. Burak Özaydemir said in his speech that digitalization was inevitable and how BEYSAD aims to improve and inform its members. He told about the journey of Industry 4.0 that set off with awareness, followed with TÜSİAD works and reports, BEYSAD BE4 summit and researches, and now till the establishment of the Competency Center. Mr. Özaydemir ended his speech by thanking all the members in the hall for their support, inviting non-members to be a part of the family, and saying “We Are Growing Together” - the concept of the Suppliers’ Day. 

Strategy and Innovation Adviser Mustafa İçil told the audience where and how fast the world has come in terms of digitalization and technology, and that more breathtaking developments are happening through impressive videos and his fluent presentation, which was received very well. Mr. İçil engaged in an interactive speech with Q&A with the participants.

At the program, several suppliers were awarded in various categories. Teknika Plast, Schott, and Başoğlu Kablo were among our members who were awarded. We congratulate all the company executives that received awards and thank BEYSAD for making us proud on behalf of our sector.

Best Service Award – Başoğlu Kablo
Best Technical Coordination – Teknika Plastik
Best Supplier in Quality Kalite – Schott Orim Cam
Best Industrial Cooperation – Tora Makina

The event ended with a dinner…

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