With The Cooperation Of BEYSAD - TET; IFA And BSH Technology Center Visited With Germany Trade Delegation
4-7 September 2017

The International Trade Show IFA Berlin is leading the way in setting trends for entertainment technology and all kinds of electrical devices.
Held in 1924 for the first time, IFA is the oldest industrial fair in Germany.

Europe’s biggest consumer electronics show "IFA 2017" has given the visitors the chance to observe the new trends in the home electronics and white appliances sector and to see the new products and technologies for the 57th time. Organized every year in Berlin, Germany by Messe Berlin, IFA was held on September 1-6 this year to introduce the latest trend technology products of globally known brands to professionals and visitors. The products displayed at the Show included voice control, personal assistant, wearable technologies and integrated smart systems with the smart home concept. Startup companies had more presence this year at the Show compared to the previous years.

Several companies from Turkey including Vestel and Arçelik participated in the Show this year. The area expanded further as it happens every year and the number of participants climbed up.

This year, too, local and global brands displayed their latest technologies and innovative products at the Show. Since sector professionals engage in important meetings on marketing and sales there, it is particularly significant for companies.

As in the last 5 years, BEYSAD was a participant, as well, with 30 people from 14 member companies as a part of the TET Germany Trade Delegation, where we could see the innovative goods of our local brands, which we are proud of, and observe the developments in the world, and gain a vision on where the technology is going. On September 3, our first day there, we visited Beko&Grundig, Vestel, and Samsung as a group and on September 4, our companies had their B2B meetings.

On September 5, BSH Berlin Technology Center was visited.
In addition to reciprocal informative presentations, a Center visit and B2B meetings were held.


BEYSAD’s Chairperson of Board of Directors Ş. Burak Özaydemir: “BEYSAD considers it important for the suppliers’ industry in Turkey to participate and be represented in our sector’s biggest and most efficient trade show in the global sense. The Show paints a picture on finished product trends and tendencies of the global companies for our members and helps them create a technology road map. The Show gave them the opportunity to focus with the current customers on new projects and products and to access new customers in different segments.

Following the Show, the visit to the BSH Technology Center gave our members the opportunity to understand BSH’s global and technical visions and also to introduce themselves. We would like to thank our members for their participation in this successful visit as well as TET for the organization.”

TET (Turkish Electro Technology Exporters' Association) Board Member Atilla Eren: ”IFA Show was also visited as a part of the TET Trade Delegation supported by the Ministry of Economy, to Germany with 14 companies. 24 companies from Turkey opened stands in IFA Show where innovative products of major brands from around the world in consumer electronics and white appliances sector were displayed and they received much interest with their innovative products. We felt proud. During the Show, about 15 B2B meetings were held per company. In this sense, we can gladly say it was a fruitful visit.”

We would like to thank TET management and employees as well as all our members who attended to the Delegation and hope that it was a beneficial trip.

Participating companies: Atasan Metal, Başoğlu Kablo, Borçelik, Cam Merkezi, De-ka Elektroteknik, Edes Endüstriyel, Ekinler, Ferel, Kabel, Karel, San Metal, Sipil, Technocast, Turaş Gas… 

The participating companies put spectacular shows to present themselves to the visitors.
Considering there were 1800 companies in the Show,
it was not easy to stand out.

Those that stood out…

  • Smart home

It was 2008 when white appliances were displayed for the first time in IFA. Since then, they have become a staple because digitalization in daily house work has been around for a while now. “Smart Home” technology whereby several house appliances can be connected to the network keeps developing via new opportunities.

  •  Glass TV

A simple piece of glass that acts as a transparent screen with touchscreen function – Could this be the future of television? Besides transparent TVs, “frame-function” televisions become more and more popular. As soon as the TV is turned off, it turns into a piece of art on the wall.

  • Panasonic Movable Fridge coming to you!

Panasonic, imagining the kitchen of the future, has already developed a moving fridge that responds to voice commands. In addition to its advanced laser scanning and obstacle sensing capability, Panasonic Movable Fridge also has depth sensors, through which it can scan your house and navigate around it on its own.

  •  Innovations from IFA: This is how our digital future looks

Homes get smarter: fridges with embedded cameras, transparent TVs, home appliances responding to voice commands… Several other innovations are displayed in Berlin Consumer Electronics Show.

  •  Into the future

The major trend at IFA 2017 is the virtual reality technology that was described by Arte’s Project Manager Kay Meseberg “to be a part of the future of televisions”. The newly developed 360 degree cameras provide a better using quality and can record your unforgettable memories in a multidimensional way for ever.

  •  Digital generation

The area of consumer electronics gets bigger and bigger. In-ear bluetooth earphones, smart speakers and many other innovations are presented at the Show. First of all, voice control gets more and more important. A smart assistant that makes working easier... Who would not want that? Several devices, especially speakers, are equipped with voice assistants such as Siri or Alexa.

  • Barcelona series look extremely elegant

Beko, Grundig and Arçelik were among the starts of IFA 2017. Especially Beko Barcelona series white appliances grabbed a lot of attention among IFA 2017 participants.

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