Whirlpool Present In Istanbul As Part Of A BEYSAD Event
9-10-11 May 2012

Pleased to meet BEYSAD (White Goods Suppliers' Association) members in 2009 as part of the Big Tent Event which brings together BEYSAD members with Whirlpool, Whirlpool requested BEYSAD to organize a similar event this year, as well. 

The previous event was more than a simple meeting attended by supply industry firms and main industry firms. Whirlpool sent its specifications to the BEYSAD headquarters with sample products and technical documents and BEYSAD announced these to its members. BEYSAD members whose proposals were accepted were evaluated by Whirlpool. Thereby, neither party wasted time and efficient negotiations were held and, as a result, some BEYSAD members began to work with Whirlpool thanks to these efficient processes. 

The ongoing Whirlpool project continues for the last two months and the first meeting attended by purchasing officials of oven, microwave and dishwasher categories was held at the meeting rooms of the Marriott Hotel Asia in Istanbul on 9-10-11 May 2012.   Prior to the meetings hosted by BEYSAD, the relevant product samples were first delivered to BEYSAD office, as was the case in the former event, and, then, transferred to the hotel. Following the stage where drawings and samples were reviewed at the BEYSAD headquarters, BEYSAD members exchanged a number of e-mails with Whirlpool officials via BEYSAD and proposals were made by BEYSAD members who were interested in the project. Upon the review of these proposals, Whirlpool officials themselves invited the respective BEYSAD members for the three-day meeting. In this process, meetings were made with 25 firms, allocating each 1.5 hours of meeting duration. On Whirlpool's side, 12 officials from Italy, Poland and Sweden were present in Istanbul for this event. 

Besim Oktayer, Vice-Chairman of BEYSAD who made much effort for the organization of this event, made a meeting with Whirlpool officials at the end of the event and told us that Whirlpool was very pleased with the course of these meetings and grateful to BEYSAD for its valuable contribution. He added that it is probable that Whirlpool will start to work with some Turkish suppliers. He noted that even samples were exchanged with some members during this short period of time and some meetings might result in partnerships for the supply of parts within maximum six months. 

On 11-12-13 June 2012 purchasing officials of Whirlpool's refrigerator and washing machine divisions will meet BEYSAD members at Kavacık Limak Hotel. Drawings and samples were delivered to BEYSAD for this meeting, as well. Related BEYSAD members analyzed them already. However, invitation messages are yet to be sent to potential attendants.

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