Upon BSH's invitation, Young BEYSAD members visit Berlin
20-21 February 2014

On February 20-21, 2014, upon the invitation of BSH Washing Machines Global Purchasing Director Mr. Axel Fischer, our Young BEYSAD members visited BSH Center in Berlin, accompanied by Chairman Mr. Bahadır Balkır and Board Member Mr. Burak Özaydemir.

The program was attended by Young BEYSAD members Berrak Çekin, Hasan Okyar Bayraktar, Sedat Can Ar, Can Yalmaç, Tufan Deniz, Murat Öney, Sayat Çakır, Emre Göktuğ and Tunç Yeloğlu.

In the program that started around noon on Thursday, our team got the chance to work with Mr. Fischer and Reha Özkan (Purchasing Area Manager) and Eray Çeliksöz (Purchasing Manager) from BSH Turkey; Justyna Dudzinska (Purchasing Manager) and Dirk Heimes (Purchasing Manager) from BSH Poland; Jorge Munoz Martin (Purchasing Manager) from BSH Spain and Ksenia Murasheva (Purchasing Manager) from BSH Russia.

In the first BSH presentation performed, information on the production and purchasing strategies was shared with the GB team. Next, Nauen washing machines manufacturing section was toured. And then, examples regarding value flow analysis applications and production management at BSH Nauen plant were presented to the participants. Also, a simulation of making a washing machine helped the participants learn about the process. Thus, an educating workshop was held about any problems that may arise at the production stage and the importance of production times.

The program of the first day was completed with dinner, ice skating, returning back to the hotel by metro and enjoyable conversations with music.

The second day BSH Washing Machine Group Technology Center was visited and during the day, information regarding the design of the building was given and also, information regarding new purchasing processes that were under the design stage was given to our team by the young purchasers from Poland, Russia, Turkey and Spain and their participation was ensured through feedbacks.

The program ended with lunch.

We would like to thank the attending managers and GB members as well as the BSH team for their hearty welcome.

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