TURKHAS team still on the market hunt – now for Mexican market
8-14 June 2014

About 2.5 years ago, R&D Team TURKHAS founded by the TET-BEYSAD cooperation and supported by the Ministry of Economy has so far accomplished many productive works and on June 8-14, 2014, a team of 20 people composed of the authorities from 12 companies, the Ministry representative, BEYSAD and TET employees paid a commercial visit to Mexico.

In this trip, the country reports provided by Frost&Sullivan at the start of the project were effective and also the event was successful thanks to the preliminary committee program. With this trip, we hope to gain information on the Mexican market, to see the leading domestic companies there, and to meet their representatives, thus getting the opportunity to increase our exports. We would like to thank TET authorities and employees who worked hard on this event, esteemed representatives of our member companies who participated in the trip, and the manager of the tourism agency who provided us with a smooth and problem-free trip.

After a long trip over Frankfurt to Mexico City, on the first business day we arrived in Monterrey after1.5 hours of flight and on this continent, we visited FERSA Group known for their TORREY brand. We were greeted by cheerful faces, we watched an introductory presentation and then we visited the facility in two groups. The company serves to commercial refrigerators and small electrical house appliances sector.

On the same day, we visited Whirlpool white appliances purchasing center in this city and after another brief presentation, we proceeded with meetings. Next, we went back to Mexico City on the same day.

The next day, we held meetings with Best Buy Office in Mexico City  andafter a store visit, we visited Liverpool store to closely follow the white appliances market and we gained information on the white appliances market.

On the same day in the afternoon, we visited Expo Electrica 2014 Fair that included electric, power, generator and lighting industries. This fair was attended by 10 Turkish companies and we were glad to see our member Sarkuysan there. In the evening, after a bus ride of 3.5 hours, we arrived in Queretaro.

Another busy program was awaiting us.In the morning,a group went to the white appliances manufacturing facility in Whirlpool Celaya campus, another group went to MABE white appliances R&D and purchasing center manufacturing facility. Our members were satisfied with introductory meetings and mutual discussions. Next, two groups came together and we had the opportunity to see another manufacturing facility of Mabe.

As a third visit, we held a meeting with the commercial refrigerators manufacturer İmbera. At the end of the way, we got back to Mexico City.

On our last day here, we visited Casa Montoya, white appliances spare parts supplier, importer and exporter as well as the service center, in the morning.

When we went back to the hotel, we held an evaluation meeting that was attended by the whole team and also, Ministry of Economy, Head of Department Üstün Alan and our Mexico commercial attaché Timur Dikbayır. The meeting started with the vote of thanks given by Atilla Eren, Member of Board of Directors of TET and Group Leader, and continued with the comments of everyone on the Committee program. There was a positive impression on the companies visited and meetings held although it was exhausting.

Ministry of Economy, Head of Department Üstün Alan who was with us during the entire program stated that the Committee took its job very seriously, we worked with great dedication and meticulousness, and Mexico was the right market choice for the Committee. He underlined that the support needed for new teams could be requested from the Ministry and if possible, he would talk to respective authorities, so this team could continue with these projects for a little longer period than 3 years.

Our commercial attaché Timur Dikbayır said that he tried to set meetings with Electrolux and LG, but they did not fit in the program and he expressed his satisfaction with the success of the Committee. He underlined that Mexican market was a very important market, we were a little late to enter this market, but he would also put efforts to make up for the time lost.

The participating companies also had positive thoughts. With this visit, we had the opportunity to see how things work on this continent as well as where we are insufficient, so we could judge ourselves. It was highlighted that we should create a common synergy for future exports to here and strengthen our cooperation.

He said that accordingly, we should not lose our coordination with Timur and this country is one of the most important white appliances and automotive markets in the world and he also added that through joint logistics activities or with a joint warehouse, we could work with higher profitability.

In our trip to Brazil, it was established that Brazil was a big market, now the impression is that MEXICO IS A BIGGER MARKET AND IT IS EASIER TO DO BUSINESS HERE.

Following this meeting, our Mexico Ambassador Mr. Ali Ahmet Acet joined us for a lovely dinner.

The next day, our cancelled flight did not cast a shadow on our fruitful trip. We would like to thank once again all our participating members and we hope to come together again at the earliest opportunity.

Mexican White Appliances Industry

Mexico, especially as a result of the investments of the white appliances companies from the USA and other countries that want to manufacture for the US market, has become an important manufacturer in the sector. Besides the domestic manufacturer Mabe, major global companies including Electrolux, Panasonic, Daewoo, Samsung, LG, Whirlpool, Black&Decker, and Honeywell also manufacture in Mexico.

In 2012, Mexico realized a white appliances export of 5.7 billion US Dollars and became the top 6 white appliances exporter in the world. 90% of this export was made to the USA, and then to Canada and the Central and South American countries. The leading export items of the domestic industry are refrigerators and deep-freezers. In 2011, Mexico became the number 1 exporter of refrigerators and deep-freezers, the number 2 exporter of electric water heaters and washing machines and the number 3 exporter of gas stoves in the world.

As of the end of 2011, the Mexican white appliances industry provided direct employment to 60,000 people. In 2000-2011, direct foreign investment of 2.4 billion US Dollars was made in this industry.

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