TURKHAS-2 completed its first training with the digital intelligence title
14-15 July 2016

As you know, we launched the second TURKHAS project having completed the first one in order to facilitate the exporters in the White Goods Supplier Industry to access new markets and to increase their exporting capacities by the Turkish Electrical Electronics and Services Exporters Association (TET) in the framework of the "Communiqué Regarding Supporting the Development of International Competitiveness " no. 2010/8.

As a part of this project that we named "White Goods Supplier Sector Overseas Marketing Team - TURKHAS 2” and that we embarked on with 23 member companies, the purpose is to bring together a limited number of companies that can create a synergy together for overseas marketing around common objectives and common marketing operations.

As we informed before, the companies planned to be brought together as a part of the project will be included in a training program first and the companies that complete this program will be enabled to take part in common marketing activities including sector-related trade board, overseas market research and purchasing boards and to benefit from the state support by 75% of the expenses regarding training and organizational activities.

In this regard, the Group had its first training participated by 21 individuals from 18 companies in İMMİB meeting halls on Thursday and Friday, July 14-15, 2016 and the training was given by Yaman Koç.

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