TKF Metal executive İsmail Günhan
September 2014

Dear BEYSAD Readers;

Even though we seem like we are repeating ourselves when writing this type of forewords, it is a fact that our newest members who have just enrolled in our organization whom we also get to know better with you here are REALLY very good. Believe us that their activities, especially the fact that they do what they do with more than due diligence and in all circumstances are among the greatest sources of pride for our Association. We cannot help but remember the “those who stand by the side” and “those who stand by our side” metaphors of our Board Chairman Bahadır Balkır. It gives us joy to introduce you another supply industry firm that “stands by our side”. Here is our interview with TKF Metal executive İsmail Günhan...

Could you please tell us about yourself?

I was born in Manisa in 1957. I received my primary, middle and high school education there. I am married with two daughters. I have been active in business life since 1980. I served as Assembly Chairman and Board Chairman of Manisa Commodity Exchange, Founding Board Member of Manisa Young Businessmen Association, Vice Chairman of Manisa Chamber of Commerce and Industry as well as the Member of Organized Industrial Zone Enterprising Committee.

When did your paths cross with TKF?

Whereas we had been working on cotton industry and agricultural products since 1980s, we took a step into the forestry and forestry products sector in 2000s. The plummeting of the cotton production in our region in 2009 led us to look for other sectors which we could invest in. 

At that time, TKF had started making investments in nickel-chrome coating on plastic where it planned in Çiğli Organized Industrial Zone, İzmir. From a commercial perspective, TKF’s this new investment of nickel-chrome plating on plastic was a coating process not widely known in Turkey and had space for expansion whereas it was quite commonplace in Europe. This coating type involved in quite a lot of know-how as well as many complications. After visiting rival firms in Europe, my decision on becoming a part of this investment became final. Another reason which led me to take part in this investment was that it served as a reason for my daughters to return to Turkey from abroad.

Can you please inform us on TKF and its activities?

TFK first embarked on the coating business in 1984. It was the first company to use spelter coating in 1986. In 1996, it started working on electropolishing applications on nickel-chromium material as well as spelter, zinc-nickel, tin, copper, nickel and chromium plating under the business name of TKF Metal Kaplama.

In 2006, the company started metal plating applications on plastic. In 2009, fully-automated pop facility was completed and in 2012 investments for plastic injection works started. Today, TKF offers its services with expert personnel as well as the experience it gained in the business to customers at its integrated facility located in İzmir’s Atatürk Organized Industrial Zone, fitted with plastic injection machinery ranging from 150 to 600 tons in addition to a fully-automated nickel-chrome plating on plastic facility.

Another of TKF’s field of activity is to perform the silver plating on copper and aluminum of the current interrupters and switch disconnectors used in the energy industry. These works are carried out at “İzmir Kaplamacılar Sitesi”.

Our company conducts R&D projects with TÜBİTAK’s support. Within the scope of a particular project, we are investigating the effects of various plating thicknesses on corrosion resistance. The project aims to optimize plating thicknesses without sacrificing quality, reduce imported inputs and reduce foreign-dependence.

We will take part in the 23rd edition of FAKUMA 2014 Plastics Fair in Germany between the dates of 14 and 18 October. This will be the first foreign trade fair we will participate in at a national level. Our aim is to increase our recognition abroad, create brand value and make exports through this event.

TKF carries out its manufacturing activities as per the principles of ISO 9001, 18001 and 14001 certificates. Our efforts are underway to obtain the ISO 16949 certificate as we are preparing to serve the automotive industry. We are continually improving ourselves to become the most favorite and environment-friendly company in the sector which performs coating activities in accordance with quality standards.

Which sectors do you serve?

TKF provides for the white goods industry. We do the plating of plastic parts such as washing machine doors, handle parts or program buttons. We add color and shine to plastic parts with metallic platings. The white goods we use in our homes everyday our given a stylish look as well as greater durability with chromium plating.

We are the supplier of Vestel and Arçelik, the two major white goods companies manufacturing in Turkey. In home electronics, products appeal more to customers thanks to the shiny look chromium-plating provides. And we continuously improve ourselves to meet such needs of the companies we are currently working with.

Chromium-plated parts are widely used in the automotive sector for the bright and luxurious look they provide. Our company has started to eliminate its shortcomings in manufacturing as well as to make trial productions so as to take part in the automotive industry. Our sample goods passed the durability tests required by the sector.

As another field of activity; our silver plating department serves the electromechanics industry.

What are the features that distinguish you from competitors?

The three features distinguishing us from our competitors are;

1-    We have a good grasp of the plating industry’s problems. That we have a modern plating facility, complete with a waste treatment center which complies with environment as well as professional health and safety regulations, clearly separates us from the competition.

2-    Another difference we have production-wise is that we brought plastic injection and plating under the same roof.This allows us to monitor each stage from raw plastic to coated material. We are able to provide a much higher quality service to our customers since we can intervene at every phase needed.

3-    The plating process is carried out with the support of the modern technological laboratory we possess. The chemical analyses of plating baths as well as the quality controls of our products are regulary conducted by our own facilities, which enables us to ensure process consistency.

We can perform the destructive and non-destructive measuring of plating thickness by x-ray and Couloscope cms step equipment and report these to our customers. We also conduct salt spray and cass tests to measure the resistance of our platings in accordance with the requests and standards our customers require. The waste treatment system of our facility performs full treatment, and all waste water analyses are conducted by us at our own laboratory.

As a new member, what are your expectations from BEYSAD? What can we do for you?

We expect BEYSAD to introduce the white goods industry abroad to its members through business trips; to arrange bilateral meetings; to support trade fair organizations abroad; and to facilitate the starting and development of export activities carried out by its members.

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