The first revision to BEYSAD's Strategy Paper has been published …
19 August 2014

BEYSAD held its Expanded Board of Managers Meeting through which it furthers its Strategy Paper efforts with the participation of all Monitoring and Steering Committee members on August 19, 2014 Tuesday at Kemerburgaz Kemer Country Forest House facilities, surrounded by nature as it would fit the season.

Due diligence has been shown in all aspects since the first day the studies for the Strategy Paper has begun; yet, the notion that has been emphasized the most was to “keep this document a living one”. When we look back to the two or two and a half years that passed since then, we are filled with the joy of having succeeded in ensuring this. Our teams that were created at the beginning and have gradually grown like an avalanche and been revised in time had faith in and great devotion to this Paper with great devotion, and made great effort with significant sacrifices. Following the first booklet of our Strategy Paper we worked for another year, conducted a Search Conference afterwards, and the common discourse obtained and gathered there was turned into the second booklet (digital format) with all industry figures and data being updated to the best of our ability; this work has been offered to our sector and its representatives. It is our wish to carry on this updating process until we attain our targets and we show significant effort in accordance with this wish.

Full and associate members of BEYSAD’s Board of Directors, Board of Audit and Board of Discipline in addition to Young Beysad Members (“Genç Beysadlılar”) and main industry representatives were invited to the meeting which was intended to be the discussion venue and starting point for this new dimension brought to the Strategy Paper efforts. Arçelik, BSH, Gorenje and Vestel executives made significant contributions to the meetings which saw the participation of around 40 people. We are also grateful to the executives of Candy Group and Indesit Company who always made their support felt even though they could not be with us on that day.

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