Tezcan Galvaniz Director Asiye Ay Çelik
March 2017

Dear BEYSAD Readers;

The guest of this issue is Tezcan Galvaniz, one of Turkey’s leading companies that add the most value to our country, andits successful Director Asiye Ay Çelik. The company has added value to our country for years and made very important investments in 2016, thus we wanted to bring them to this issue and introduce them to you better. We would like to thank Asiye Ay Çelik for her valuable time and wish them success with their new investment. We are proud of them and wish the continuation of their success.

Could you please introduce yourself?When did you start to work for Tezcan?

I was born in Holland in 1974. I started my education there and continued in Turkey. I graduated from the Foreign Languages department of Uludağ University in 1997.I started my careerin a manufacturer in the steel industry. Afterwards Tezcan and I crossed paths. I was a part of all investment processes of Tezcan in Kocaeli. I am married and have a son. I can speak English, Dutch and German.

Could you tell us about Tezcan and their activities?

Being the first domestic flat product manufacturer in Turkey, we preserve our leading status in the sector with our products that address to various areas from the construction sector to the white appliances and automotive. We meet the majority of the needs of the Turkish market. Moreover, we export to more than 70 countries. We aim to increase our production of coated sheets to 1 million tons. With our new investment complex, our production capacity has reached to 1.3 million tons. Galvanized sheet, one of our main products, is used in the white appliances sector, automotive industry, roof facings, heating – cooling sector, ventilation, cable ducts, lighting and annular section production, and many other areas. Also, with our ‘Steel Service Center’ with the current capacity of 400 thousand tons per year, we size and shape galvanized, cold rolled, hot rolled, acid and dyed sheets and present to our customers in a ready-to-use state. Our final product is a first in Turkey: GALVALUME. GALVALUME is a material with triple corrosion resistance compared to galvanic. We produce it using the continuously hot-dip method. Aluminum and zinc found in the coating in close proportions enable the material to have higher corrosion resistance and the material looks in perfect harmony with steel. It is possible to purchase this product that has approximate quality to stainless steel for less. We are very happy to have the Turkish license for GALVALUME that is patented by an international company that is based in the USA.

Could you tell us about the organization structure of Tezcan?

Our company is established upon transparency and accountability. We adopt a transparent way of management with minimum hierarchy. We listen to our employees and care for their ideas. The basis for our core values that bring us success is always the human factor. Thoughtfulness, sensitiveness, dialogue, solidarity and supervision are among the other factors that make us successful.

Which industries do you provide service with?

Our products include HRP (hot rolled pickled), CRF (cold rolled full), CR (cold rolled), HDG (hot dipped galvanized), GZR (galvanized rolled), Galvalume (GL) and PPGI (pre-paint galvanized). With these products, we serve to various areas from the white appliances industry to automotive and construction sectors.

Could you tell us about your export rates and which countries do you export the most?

As mentioned above, we export to over 70 countries. We are proudly shipping our products to every corner of the world. We constantly endeavor to improve our current markets. In the upcoming period, we aim to increase our cooperation with Europe, the USA, MENA Region, and Russia.

What differentiates you from your rivals?

We are a brand of firsts: We are the first manufacturer of flat products in Turkey. Also, we broke new ground this year, too, by bringing GALVALUME to Turkey. We are honest, target-oriented and disciplined, give importance to technology, and always put human at the focus of our business.

Could you tell us about any new investments and R&D activities?

Our last investment and R&D activities were all about our new product GALVALUME. To produce our new product GALVALUME, we engaged our fourth additional facility that spans an area of 75.000 m². We built this facility with an investment of 135 million USD and besides GALVALUME, we also produce acid rolled sheets, cold rolled sheets, galvanized sheets and pre-paint galvanized sheets that are used in many finished goods. Thus, we raised our production capacity from 700 thousand tons to 1,3 million tons. Moreover, we hired 145 new employees for this last investment.

How was 2016 for you and what is your anticipation for 2017?

2016 was a year when we focused on our new facility and new investment. In 2017, we will improve these investments. We will focus on increasing the recognition and areas of use of our new product. In this process, we wish to establish new organizations overseas to increase the export rate. In 2017, we want to show our strength that we have in the construction sector also in the white appliances and automotive sectors and to have an increase with our new product and production capacity.

What do you think about the development of Industry 4.0 in Turkey? Do you have any preliminary work or take any measures?

I believe that Industry 4.0 that is defined as a vision of production model where information technology and machines are interconnected will be a progressive improvement for all the sectors. Smart production is expected to save us both time and cost. Tezcan always believes in development. We equip our factories with cutting edge technology. Industry 4.0 is also in our radar now.

What are your thoughts on and expectations of BEYSAD? What can we do for you?

Association of White Goods Suppliers – BEYSAD is a very valuable organization that brings white appliances producers and suppliers together. We value the new connections provided by the Association by bringing the shareholders of the sector together as well as its activities that focus on increasing the volume of the sector. Moreover, BEYSAD is an important platform where problems and opportunities for the sector representatives are shared. We are very happy to meet you and many other organizations we met through you. We hope that successful cooperation between our brand and your sector will be maintained and enhanced in the upcoming period.

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