Technocast Deputy General Manager Murat Öney
December 2012

Dear BEYSAD readers,

We continue to introduce our new members to you. And as we know our new members, we are more proud of their existence in the BEYSAD network. Technocast and its distinguished Vice-General Manager, Murat Öney, impressed us a lot, when we visited their premises in the last months. Mr. Öney is very knowledgeable and experienced, despite his young age. We felt very comfortable with them, as they were very hospitable and clearly stated they put lots of trust in non-governmental organizations. He was also willing to take part in our workshops for realizing targets in the scope of our Strategy Paper. We would like to thank him for their collaborative approach and sparing their time for the interview. 

Can you please tell us about yourself briefly?

My name is Fuat Murat Öney, I was born in 1978 in Istanbul. I completed my undergraduate degree at the Mechanical Engineering Department of the Istanbul Technical University in 2000. Then, I made a masters degree in the field of partnership program management and IT technologies in New Jersey Rutgers - New Jersey Institute of Technology. During my masters education until 2004 I worked as a sales consultant at an engineering firm that develops products in the field of pressure sensors. I came back to Turkey in 2004 and I worked for Microsoft and Ericsson at different managerial positions. In the last one and a half year I worked as the Business Partnership Director in charge of 23 countries in the Middle East Region at Ericsson and I lived in Dubai. 

As of June 2012 I began to work as a vice-general manager in charge of marketing and business development at Technocast, a partnership of Turkish and Russian firms. 

Can you please tell us about Technocast and its business activities?

Technocast was founded in 2002 by Suat Necat Öney to deal with automobile wheel trade and consulting. In the same year the firm accepted a Russian firm, with which it had done business in Russia for many years, as a partner and the firm became the representative of different brands both in the Turkish and Russian markets.

In line with its strategic policies Technocast purchased almost all the shares of Kare Metal (Carre Wheels) that is engaged in manufacturing of light alloy automobile wheels in Beylikdüzü, Istanbul in 2003; thus, the firm continued its expansion. Moreover, from 2004 to 2010 Technocast provided turnkey consulting services for establishing two different wheel manufacturing facilities in Russia and Ukraine. 

In parallel with its strategic growth targets in 2010 the firm moved to its new production plant with a closed space of 10,000mthe Çerkezköy Organized Industrial Zone and decided to invest in the fields of plastic injection and molding. 

Technocast is still carrying out its manufacturing activities in the fields of light alloy automobile wheels (Carre Wheels) and plastic injection (under the brand Technocast) in the Çerkezköy Organized Industrial Zone. 

Employing 180 people in the two manufacturing areas, Technocast has the capability to offer end-to-end services in the field of plastic injection manufacturing. We offer highest quality services to our customers in terms of product design and molding; plastic injection part manufacturing; powder and wet painting and pad printing and grouping/assembly. Already possessing ISO 9001, 14001, OHSAS 18001 certificates, Technocast aims to receive the ISO 16949 certificate during the course of January 2013. 

When did you meet Technocast?

I knew I was going to meet Technocast one dayJIncluding the years that I worked at the university, my professional career reached 14 years and I mostly worked at sales, marketing and strategy positions with international IT and telecommunication firms. I recently worked for Ericsson, a telecommunication firm, in Dubai as a regional director in charge of 23 countries. 

I have always followed the developments in Technocast very closely and when I decided to come back to Turkey in May 2012, which was good timing, I started to work for Technocast as a vice-general manager. Of course, my father Suat Necat Öney always supported me in taking this decision. The past five years I have spent with Technocast have shown me that I have taken a right decision. 

Can you please tell us about the organizational structure of Technocast?

As I have told, Technocast deals with two different lines of business under one roof. Therefore, it has two legal entities. 

The parent company Technocast Otomotiv San. ve Tic. Ltd. provides end-to-end plastic injection manufacturing and services. The subsidiary Kare Metal Form San. ve Tic. Ltd. manufactured light alloy wheels. 

At organizational level, we have divided the production teams into two groups: wheel and plastic We have two different production, planning and quality management teams. The entire production, planning, maintenance, molding and design teams are managed by one management team. Our marketing and dealer management team for the wheel business is located in a different office in Istanbul. This team spends most of the year visiting dealers. Finance, accounting, purchasing and sales functions are positioned in order to offer services to both production areas. 

To which industries does your company offer services?

Technocast mostly offers services to the white goods industry. We offer plastic injection part manufacturing, molding, pad printing, painting and grouping/assembly services to various enterprises of Arçelik and BSH. Moreover, in the coming months we will be manufacturing vacuum cleaners for an international brand entirely in our own plants. We are in the contract signing stage now; therefore, I cannot give more detailed information. 

Besides, we regularly supply parts to German furniture and automotive industries.

In the near term we desire to enter the automotive industry in the domestic arena. Of course, we are carrying out certain infrastructure works on this subject. 

In the past years we have been able to create an integrated plant in the plastic injection sector as a result of our investments taking into account customer demands and market needs. With our design office, molding plant, 24 plastic injection lines (14 new lines will be taken into operation in 2013), three different painting plants and assembly line, we are capable of manufacturing the end product according to the demand. We offer plastic parts and finished goods ready for assembly to small household appliances, laundry appliances, electric motors and dishwasher plants of global brands. We also export products to various overseas sectors. 

We are a young firm in the plastic injection business; therefore, we have made investments taking into account our growth capacity. We are today carrying out manufacturing activities with our 24 Europe-origined injection machines that are equipped with latest technology and have a pressing capacity varying between 50 tons to 650 tons. We also manufacture products via "insert" injection and multi-component injection production techniques. 

We manufacture our molds at our own molding plant and depending on demand we also manufacture molds for the overseas, too. In our three different painting lines we are capable of applying wet and powder painting to plastic and metal parts. 

At our assembly line products are grouped and assembled with many different techniques and practices and necessary tests are made according to customer demands. We also offer pad printing and silkscreen printing services. 

As regards quality control and management we have processes that are defined in a very detailed manner as well as a full-fledged laboratory. 

Can you please give information about your export volumes and name countries that you sell your products most?

If we see Technocast as the parent company, we can say that we export products to more than 10 countries. In plastic injection we directly export products to Germany. There are still many negotiations ongoing with different firms for export purposes. I believe in 2013 we will expand our export business. 

In the wheel business we make regular exports to Russia, England, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Tunisia, Romania, Hungary and Germany. 

In both lines of services we work on marketing plans that would increase our export capacity.

 What are your company’s main attributes that make it different from your competitors?

As a firm we offer end-to-end services thanks to our investments made to meet customer demands. As a result of our experience in the automobile wheel production, we possess capabilities in low pressure casting, processing, machined production and metal painting, which makes us a unique service point for plastic and metal finished goods. We are one of the rare firms competent in two areas. 

We have positioned Technocast as a service and solution firm. Our primary goal is to meet customer needs and demands in the most effective manner. 

Moreover, our highly dynamic and innovative structure makes us different from our competitors. 

One of the steps we have taken in 2012 was to set up the "Special Projects" unit. We have now decided to implement three new R&D projects. The main criteria that we have considered while selecting the projects were product and technology localization and added value production in new sectors.  

We have made preparations to submit our two projects to TUBITAK (Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey) in December this year. As a firm believing in the collaboration between the university and industry, we maintain close relationship with universities.

Moreover, in the field of production efficiency we have already begun to work o some improvement and innovation projects. We only start investments that would give added value to our firm, industry and country.  

What are your expectations from BEYSAD as our new member? What can we do for you?

We are very glad to be a BEYSAD member. I personally follow all the announcements and reports that come from BEYSAD. 

Since I started at Technocast, we have encountered the biggest problems in the field of raw material. We are in third place in the plastics business in Europe and we have a strong infrastructure. However, we are very much dependent on imported raw materials. I would expect BEYSAD to coordinate all its members in terms of raw material purchase and offer some advantages to its members. 

Another area that I think BEYSAD can help us is foreign markets. BEYSAD can provide us with detailed reports about foreign markets and arrange collective fair events, which would make us enter foreign markets more easily. 

I would like to thank BEYSAD for their interest in our firm and wish you further success.

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