Staubli Technology Days organized with BEYSAD
2 March 2017

Staubli Technology Days were organized on March 2, 2017 Thursday by the cooperation of STAUBLI, BE4 event sponsor, and BEYSAD.                                      

Considering the entire discussion and concern over collaborative robots and industrial robots today, the aim of this event was to enable our members to discover many robotic solutions adapted to their needs in production.

The program where human-machine cooperation and Smart Factory concept were also introduced and that was visited by approximately 25 members per day in different halls and 35 members in average with the participation during other days of the event started with the informative presentation of Staubli Business Development Specialist Gizem Güneş on the history and production areas of Staubli and the varieties of robots.

The second informative presentation was given by Senior Sales Engineer Kerem Keçeci. Mr. Keçeci talked about the important considerations in risk evaluation regarding practices involving human-robot cooperation.

After the presentation, BEYSAD Board Member Tunç Yeloğlu gave a vote of thanks and presented a thank you plaque to Gizem Güneş.

After these hall programs, collaborative applications including Smart Factory, high-performing solutions, Stäubli Services and applications on software solutions were shared with the participants at the foyer. After this presentation of application examples that took about 45 minutes, the program ended with a cocktail.

We would like to thank Staubli authorities for their effort in organizing this event and our members for taking part in the event.

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