Our Member Cablex Tansel Elektrik A.Ş. opened new facility in Saray
10 June 2014

Cablex Tansel Elektrik A.Ş. has been recently opened in Tekirdağ-Çerkezköy-Saray. Cablex Tansel Elektrik Factory brought many domestic and foreign industrialists together in Saray. The plant that was founded in Saray Small Industrial Area will employ approximately 400 people, thereby contributing greatly in the economy and employment of the district. The opening of the factory was attended by Milan Jazbec, Ankara Ambassador of Slovenia; Mustafa Masatlı, Deputy Governor of Tekirdağ; Hüseyin Öner, Saray District Governor; Mayor Nazmi Çoban; Murat Tabak, Police Chief of Saray; District Gendarme Commander Lieutenant Yasin Keskin and many distinguished domestic and foreign guests from the world of business.

Founded on an area of 10.000 m2 and having started operations in a very short time as 6 months on a production area of 6000 m2, Tansel Elektrik has brought many new practices to the industry in Saray and will also make a great contribution in the employment rate of the district.

Metin Bağır, CEO ofCablex Tansel Elektrik A.Ş., gave the opening speech of the ceremony that was attended by approximately 150 people. “Dreaming is the first step of succeeding,” said Mr. Bağır and he added: "I am proud to say that for this beautiful view here, we dreamed hard and we worked hard. We chased after this dream. We made this dream come true. As in every institution and organization, our most significant value is, too, human. Cablex employees are diligent, creative, meticulous and dedicated to their work as well as sensitive for customer needs, quality, reliable, and always cheerful to give our customers utmost satisfaction. Our goal is to become a global leader that adapts rapidly to the development in the sector and leads the change. We will get closer to our goal by increasing the employment here."

We congratulate our member on their new factory and wish them success in their endeavors.

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