Ödül Madeni Eşya Sanayi Mustafa Kemal Saçmacı
October-December 2014

Dear BEYSAD Readers;

A few months ago we shared with you the news of our visit to Kayseri as well as the new friends we made there. Our interviews at Kayseri that started in our previous issue now continue with the one we made with Mustafa Kemal Saçmacı from Ödül Madeni Eşya Sanayi Company. Mr. Kemal was gracious enough to accept our request and added to his contributions this excellent piece of interview on top of all the hospitability he showed to us when we were in Kayseri. We would like to extend our gratitude to him; and here comes our delightful conversation.

Dear Mustafa Kemal Saçmacı; could you please tell us a bit about yourself and your career so far?

I was born in 1983 in Kayseri. I received my primary, middle, and high school education in Kayseri, too. Once I finished university in Turkey, I stayed in Malta and the UK for my master’s degree. After completing my education, I embarked on business life in Kayseri. My work life started at a very young age when I started going to factories with my father. I have been actively working in the factory since I completed my education.

What is the secret to your success? Can you please tell about the way you work and your principles?

Working hard, knowing how to share, listening to others, avoiding one-dimensional thinking, keeping up with technology, being open to new ideas, and benefiting from the experiences of my father Emin Saçmacı and my elder brother Murat Saçmacı… A man has got to be honest, first. You have got to produce quality goods and offer better services to customers. According to me, growing at a slower pace with your own net assets instead of bank loans is the right way to go. Among my main principles are avoiding vanity and the wannabe mindset as well as to renew yourself all the time.

What is your position in the management chart? Could you please inform us about Ödül’s management structure?

I assume the position of Vice General Manager in the management chart. The Chairman of the Board is Emin Saçmacı, General Director is Murat Saçmacı and Factory Manager is Erol Çetin.

What about Ödül’s establishment and development? (Such as your product range and figures, etc.)

Emin Saçmacı, the Board Chairman, noticed the demand for electric hot metal plates for cooking flaky pastries in the market in 1970. Since there were few producers in spite of a much greater demand, he started manufacturing electric hot metal plates, as well as drum shaped ovens. In the same period, he established a partnership to produce many such goods as ovens, round ovens, pressure cookers, antennas, etc. Our company named Ödül Madeni Eşya Sanayi was founded in 1990. We moved to the Organized Industrial Zone (OSB) in 2010. In the OSB, we operate on a total area of 32 thousand square meters, 15 thousand of which is enclosed area; and we manufacture 110 thousand free standing ovens and 450 thousand midi ovens annually. Our current product range includes free standing ovens with size options of 50x60, 60x60 and 60x90 as well as ovens of 32-liter, 38-liter and 28-liter volumes.

What is your take on the level the White Goods industry has attained in Turkey? Where does Kayseri stand in this development? And where does Ödül stand?

The White Goods industry is currently enjoying a peak position in Turkey. We now look forward to the period when even more advanced technologies will be utilized. It is important for people of today that the appliances they use in their homes are high in quality and technology. Kayseri is a production center of Turkey, and its greatest contribution to our domestic economy is the exports made from the city. As Ödül Madeni Eşya, we offer the highest technologies and manage our product ranges in accordance with the improvements we make every day.

Kayseri is a market that can easily adapt to changes and developments as well as different experiences of other countries. Can we learn more about Kayseri’s white goods sector?

Kayseri is a city of industry with very industrious and ingenious people who know how to work hard to make a living. The people of our city have a very resolute and entrepreneurial spirit.

What percentage of your production in Turkey do you export, and to which countries? What are your opinions on the conditions of competition, particularly about the countries or brands you consider rivals in the Turkish market or abroad?

We manufacture approximately 110 thousand free standing and 450 thousand midi ovens every year. 100% of these goods are exported. We do not compete in Turkey; we only consider companies abroad as rivals since the entirety of our goods are exported. Our never-changing top priority is to manufacture quality goods and ensure customer satisfaction.

What about Ödül’s long-term targets?

Our longest-term targets based on foreign market researches are to start offering new product series and groups.

Can you please inform us about the supply industry companies you work with? Are they all domestic? Do you make joint efforts in new products or projects? What criteria do you emphasize in choosing your suppliers?

%90 percent of the supply industry firms we work with are domestic whereas %10 is foreign. In new product groups, we conduct joint studies with all our supplier companies. We emphasize quality and delivery deadlines in choosing suppliers.

Could you please tell us about your R&D activities?

Our R&D department regularly investigates local and foreign product groups every year and conducts technological studies accordingly.

Do you receive any incentives in your efforts?

We benefit from TÜBİTAK and KOSGEB’s incentives as well as the Investment Incentives.

What are the needs and deficiencies in Kayseri concerning human resources? Do you experience much problem?

In Kayseri, people with high awareness and good communication skills who are able to adapt to their work are sorely needed. The most significant problem in this regard is the fact that local industrialists still think that there are no deficiencies in human resources.

In its purchasing processes, what is Ödül’s top expectation/criterion from its suppliers? How do you carry out your purchasing processes?

As Ödül, our most significant expectation from our suppliers is quality products and trouble-free manufacturing. Here is how our purchasing process goes: When the order received from abroad is entered to the system by our foreign resellers; we make the planning, and production date is determined. Afterwards, requirement lists are delivered to the purchasing module, which initiates the process.

What is the number one problem you experience concerning your suppliers? Could you please share your evaluation with us in terms of quality, logistics, and price?

Quality is the issue where we experience the most significant problem with our suppliers. We painstakingly put efforts to send in a timely manner the goods whose deadlines are due and which are sold with a letter of credit; when the products we obtain from our suppliers turn out to be defective when we are in such a tight situation, this causes us a lot of trouble.

Could you please compare the positive and negative aspects of your domestic and foreign suppliers for us? If it is possible to speak of any “superiority” country-wise, what would it be; i.e. what is the superiority of the superior?

Comparing our domestic and foreign suppliers; the most striking difference between the two is that the raw materials we obtain from foreign suppliers come on time and fully comply with quality requirements, which increases their prominence for us.

Do you make joint efforts with your suppliers? If yes, in which phases?

We conduct studies with our suppliers in internal parts and components rather than the visual side of products.

How do you communicate your expectations to your suppliers? Do you provide any assurance for their investments? How do you support your suppliers, and especially the supply sector of Turkey?

We support the supply industry of Turkey, first and foremost, since we will all benefit from it if our country prospers...

What are your policies concerning suppliers; do you have any messages for them?

Quality should be emphasized to achieve success.

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