Interview with General Manager of Coko-Werk Hayrettin Kar
February 2011

Dear BEYSAD members,

We continue to introduce new members of our strong family with you. In this issue we will have the opportunity to know Mr. Hayrettin Kar, young and successful general manager of Coko Werk, as well as business operations of Coko Werk. We would like to extend our profuse thanks to Mr. Hayrettin Kar, as he was kind enough to spare his time for this interview in a period when they are moving their plant to its new location.

Can you please tell us about yourself briefly?

I was born in Istanbul in 1978. I completed my elementary and high school education in Istanbul. Following my graduation from the Business Administration Department at Marmara University in 2000, I completed my master's degree in Germany in 2005 and returned Turkey. I am married and have a son named Adem Kerem. 

Can you please tell us about Coko Werk and its business activities?

Coko Werk Plastik İmalat San. Ltd. Şti. began its activities in the Turkish market in 2006 as a firm manufacturing for Bosch Siemens Ev Aletleri (BSH) in Çerkezköy in the scope of the Shop-in-Shop concept (this means we have our own area in the BSH's dishwasher plant and perform manufacturing directly to the production line of BSH) and JIT production model. Our firm is the Turkish practice of Coko Werk GmbH, a firm operating in Germany since 1926 and running two plants in Poland as well. Coko Werk employs more than 700 people in its facilities in three countries and stands as one of the leading companies of the sector. 

As the Coko Werk Group we provide our customers with services from a single centre associated with all product processes ranging from product development to product design and mass manufacturing to just-in-time shipping. Accordingly, moulds necessary for our customers' product at development stage are manufactured at our mold unit in Germany. We employ such techniques as compact injection molding, structural foam TSG, 2-component injection molding, 2-C / sandwich, 2-component injection molding, 2-C /hard / soft, gas internal-pressure GID, gas counter-pressure GGD, blow molding in addition to offering such additional services as welding, hot stamping, screen and pad printing and painting, when necessary. The products manufactured in a way to meet customer needs are then transported to our customers' sites. Therefore, our customers receive all the services associated with the required product from one center and obtain time and cost advantages. Our team focuses heavily on innovation and knows very well what a customer needs and this business approach has made us a sine qua non for such companies as BSH, Vaillant, Hella, Canon, Ergoline, Blaupunkt, ThyssenKrupp, Viessman and Buderus Gramer. 

When did you meet Coko Werk?

I came to meet Coko Werk as a result of a mere coincidence. In 2006 I saw the Coko Werk ad on a human resource newspaper and applied for the job.     

Why has Coko Werk chosen Turkey? Do you think is it worth for your firm entering the Turkish market? Do you recommend other foreign firms to invest in Turkey?

The major reason why Coko Werk chose Turkey was, of course, the presence of BSH, our most important customer, in the Turkish market. The project that started in 2006 opened the doors of the Turkish market to Coko Werk. Time has shown us that this investment decision was a right one and we have just completed a new investment which will reinforce our presence in the Turkish market. 

We have begun to carry out manufacturing activities in our new plant with a total area of 6000 m2 located in the Çerkezköy Organized Industrial Zone. The construction work started in March 2010. Since the new year we have been transporting products manufactured in our new plant to BSH. Our shop-in-shop production activities are ongoing, too. We will continue to manufacture there until 5 March 2011. Then, our machinery inside BSH facility will be moved to our new plant and our entire manufacturing activities will be performed under one roof. By mid-2011 we desire to expand our activities via 16 injection machines ranging from 140 tons to 1450 tons and various automation systems. 

Of course, this positive picture will be a good example for other businesses intending to invest in the Turkish market. 

Can you please tell us about the organizational structure of Coko Werk?

As the General Manager of Coko Werk Turkey, I report to Technical General Manager and Commercial General Manager based in our headquarters in Germany. Moreover, project management side is directly located in our headquarters. As Coko Werk Turkey we assume the role of a manufacturer more. 

Who is your largest customer in Turkey?

Actually, our sole customer in Turkey is BSH. As we have manufactured inside the BSH plant up until now, Coko Werk Turkey did not have any chance to manufacture for other customers. One of the important aspects of our new investment lies in the fact that we wish to offer services to other customers and other industries. Particularly, we would like to make available the experience of the Coko Werk Group in the automotive industry for automotive manufacturers in the Turkish market.

Can you please give information about your export volumes and name countries that you sell your products most?

For the time being we are carrying out roughly no export activities. Another objective of our new investment is to make sure Coko Werk Turkey possesses export potential. We believe a portion of our increased capacity can be allocated to export activities. 

To which industries does your company offer services?

The Coko Werk Group provides services primarily to white goods, automotive, heat engineering, garden-hobby and machinery sectors. However, we are only active in the white goods industry in Turkey at the moment. 

What are your company’s main attributes that make it different from your competitors?

What makes us different is that we also make use of latest technology and offer our customers new solutions. As a recent example, inner door frames used in dishwashers used to be delivered as a single component part to our customer. Then, our customer used to apply silicone to the corners of this frame in its own production line to ensure impermeability. By taking up an active role in our customer's development processes, we have manufactured this part as two components. Thus, once this product becomes ready out of our own mould, TPE sealing is already applied, which has enabled our customer to eliminate an item from its own production processes. 

The innovative aspect of Coko Werk always makes sure it is different from its competitors. 

What are your expectations from BEYSAD as our new member? What can we do for you?

As Coko Werk we expect BEYSAD to bring together sector players in the scope of specific events. But I believe BEYSAD is already doing this in a way to satisfy its members.

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