Indesit’s £35 million washing machine investment in Manisa
26 February 2014

We made an interview with Indesit Turkey Member of Board of Directors Dear Neriman Ülsever in the scope of 92. BEYSAD Maganize, the last one of 2012. During this interview, she answered our question of “You said that my dream is building a washing machine factory in Turkey. Manisa is a very appropriate place for that… Can you inform us about Indesit’s new investment plans in Turkey?” in this way:

“Given potential that Turkey has, opening a one more manufacturing center will be a smart investment for Indesit Company to do. In our press conference that we held to announce that Turgay Dağ had been assigned as Country Manager, I mentioned about my dream of building a second factory in Turkey. But, it is not possible to talk about a concrete action to realize this dream. Our investments in Turkey will continue without losing any pace to double our volume in the market in the medium-terms and reach our organic growth target. As long as Turkey keeps its steady growing, I believe by heart that we will be getting closer and closer to my dream of establishing second factory.”

The dreams have come true and foundations were laid, building was started and soon manufacturing will be started… Again we are sending our wishes of “good luck”…

The Investment Ceremony for the second factory in Indesit’s 20th year in Turkey was held with the participation of Chairman of BoD and CEO Marco Milani and Minister of Economy, Nihat Zeybekci on February 26, 2014. With a total investment cost of £35 million, washing machine factory which was established on Manisa Organized Industry Zone (MOIZ) will enable to employ about 750 people. New facility will operate on a closed area of 32 thousand square meters and have an annual manufacturing capacity of 1,400,000 items. 75 percent of production will be exported mainly to European countries.

Bahadır Balkır, Hasan Danişment, Besim Oktayer, Murat Önay, Burak Özaydemir from BEYSAD, Coşkun Demirsoy and Hasan Top from De-Ka Elektroteknik, Bayraktar Family, Ayşegül Koç from Sipil A.Ş. and some of our members attended the organization in Manisa.

Indesit Group which operates in appliances and small home appliances industry entered the Turkish market in 1994 with the acquisition of a factory at MOIZ with nearly one thousand items of manufacturing capacity. Through the investments they have made during the last 20 years, Indesit Company Manisa Cooler Factory’s manufacturing capacity reached up to about 1.5 million items annually and 80 percent of products, more than 1 million units of refrigerators, manufactured in Manisa Cooler Factory are exported to Europe, Middle East and Central Asia. The factory develops new technologies in its R&D center which started its operations in 2011 and has 57 engineers. Indesit Company Manisa Washing Machine Factory will operate on a closed area of 32 thousand square meters. The project which is being completed under the contracting of SİPİL A.Ş. which has 30-year experience in industrial site building and also is a member of BEYSAD is planned to be finished on June 30, 2014. Thus, the company’s cooler factory will be operation on a closed area of 124 thousand square meters with its warehouse and washing machine factory. Test production of new factory will be on July 1 and manufacturing will be started on October 1, 2014.

To the ceremony at MOIZ, as well as Minister Zeybekci, Manisa Governor Abdurrahman Savaş, some deputies, prominent names from Aegean Region business world and senior executives from Indesit Company attended. In his speech, Zeybekci mentioned about the happiness of opening this factory which will take Turkish industry and export further. Saying that in the history of Indesit, they see the development of Turkey, he added: “I present my thanks to Indesit Company BoD Chairman and CEO Marco Milani. Those investing in Turkey, they are more than welcome. Welcome! We are always here whenever you have a problem. I could not call them foreign capital; they are already domestic capital. Together we are aiming at the 2023 targets. Turkey wants more export, more manufacturing and more employment. Turkey is planning to increase its export from 152 billion dollars to 170 billion dollars next year. I thank family of Indesit because of their investments. We want them to continue their investments with other products other than refrigerator and washing machine. We will keep our support for you.”

BoD Chairman Milani, who said that they closely follow the economic successes of Turkey in the last 10 years, added “We benefit from positive outcomes of successful and decisive economy policies thanks to our investments in Turkey. In addition to Turkey’s strategic position, stable economy, young population and dynamic labor advantages, its economic successes in the last period, it became one of the most important countries in the geography on which Indesit Company operates. Indesit Company which has the leading position in Italy, Portugal, Russia, England and Ukraine is one of the biggest appliance manufacturers in Europe and Turkey is the address of a significant success story for us, like many global brands. Today establishing our Indesit Company Washing Machine Factory at MOIZ, we are realizing our investment of new factory which will take our success story in Turkey to a different dimension. We celebrate our 20th year in Turkey with our investment in second factory. Together with this new investment, total value of investments we have made in Turkey exceeded £150 million. Our new investment has strengthened our trust in Turkey, and we believe that it will rally our pace of growth even more. With a projected total investment cost of £35 million, our washing machine factory will enable us to renew the export records we have broken previously via our cooler factory, and to set the bar even higher as Indesit Company Turkey.

BoD Chairman Neriman Ülsever said that they are building a new manufacturing site in Turkey which is getting ready for 2023, creating new employment opportunities and new technologies: “Aegean Exporters Union gave us the first prize at the category of Electric-Electronic for four years successively. With our new factory, we will keep breaking new export records.” she said and underlining that this new investment does not only create employment, she added: “We grow all together with supply industries around us and dealers providing sustainable development. After refrigerators which are our pride, we present a new line of products that we can call “Made in Turkey.”

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