ICM Enerji Quality Management Manager Merve Kaleağası
March 2014

Dear BEYSAD readers; we took the chance of introducing our new member. We are happy to introduce the newest member of Young BEYSAD, Dear Merve Kaleağası who is dynamic, educated and learned business from expert names of the sector. We are meeting you with a company official who did what was needed to be a global firm, combined the advantages of being a family with long-years of experience in different areas across the industry. We present our thanks to Dear Merve Kaleağası who works as a Partner and Marketing and Quality Management Manager at ICM Enerji ve Soğutma Teknolojileri San. A.Ş.

Can you please introduce yourself?

I am Merve Kısnacak Kaleağası. I was born in Istanbul, 1980. After my graduation from German School of İstanbul, I completed my education at Economy Department, Koç University. I worked at professional sector for 8 years. First part of this process was at Marketing department of Mercedes-Benz, second and longer part was at Central Marketing department of BSH Home Appliances. The BSH adventure that I started as a Dishwasher Product Manager continues as Cooking Group Product Executive. With our family business which was growing and developing and desire to do something for myself that I felt, I joined our family business ICM Enerji ve Soğutma Teknolojileri in 2011.

Can you please inform about the firm and business of ICM Enerji ve Soğutma Teknolojileri?

Our company is a family company. Göksel Kısnacak had worked as a senior executive in Appliance Industry for many years, one of the prominent names in the sector. He started at PEG Profilo in 1971, including 10 years of experience here; he was assigned at different roles for 25 years. Then, he used his experience providing Professional Consultancy to different leading appliances firms in the industry. Following that, in 2007 he laid the base of his own company ICM Enerji ve Soğutma Teknolojileri.

Tolga Kısnacak, born in Istanbul, 1975. He was graduated from German School of İstanbul and then, Engineering Faculty of Boğaziçi University and Bernard Baruch College MBA. After working at Zorlu Holding, Toyota Sabancı companies, he joined ICM Enerji ve Soğutma Teknolojileri in 2007. Combining his engineering base with its researcher character, he especially focused on LED Lightening and took the company to a very different position.

Our company mostly serves for commercial cooler industry and home appliances industry. Particularly for LED Lightening Modules, we are the most expert in Turkey, even in Europe. We were accepted to Teknopark with our innovative products and operate in Gebze Organized Industry Zone – Teknopark.

In our R&D, design and manufacturing site at GOIZ Teknopark, with our 3 SMT string machine parks of which the oldest one is one year old, we can reach 1 million LED strings in a day. We have more productive results due to getting R&D and manufacturing together and we can perform all production in-house. Today, almost 2.000.000 refrigerators worldwide are lightened with LED Modules that we manufactured.

Can you please inform us about the organizational structure of ICM Enerji ve Soğutma Teknolojileri?

ICM Enerji ve Soğutma Teknolojileri is a professional company which was formed by the family members who had worked for many years in the corporate industry and come together in time. We combine the advantages of being a family with our experiences achieved in different fields of corporate industry during many years. Our high most priority is quality and customer satisfaction, we support our teams with the newest and best trainings to develop ourselves continuously and update with test and quality procedures of the latest technology. Our company is based on always being the leader and providing this with the highest quality. So, we have a structure prepared to follow all innovations all over the world and implement them in the fastest way.

To which sectors do you provide services?

Our company mostly serves for commercial cooler sector and home appliances sector. We are engaged in manufacturing LED Lightening Modules, Digital Thermostat, Energy Saving Kit, Water Evaporating Dish, Digital Thermometer and other commercial refrigerator components.

With our studies on energy saver and environmentally friendly products, we develop many innovative products. Given we serve our products for many different countries; we are required to hold norms and certificates needed for these markets. Our LED products have IEC 62031, IEC 60598-1 and IEC 62471; we also hold UL 8750 for North America market. We do not work on any product which is out of our quality approach; all of our products in the market have to hold highest security norms needed.

Can you tell about your export rates and to which country you export most?

Consciousness about energy saving products is quite high abroad. 50% of our products are exported. We have various export locations all over the world. Russia, Romania, Brazil, Indonesia, Spain, Italy, Ukraine, Austria, Greece, South Africa, these are the most common ones.

What are your qualifications which differentiate you from your competitors?

Including the management, we have a very strong R&D team. We are in a position that we do not follow others but the first one who produces different solutions. We do not have stable products; we have specially-produced products meeting the needs of different customers. We can present very fast and innovative solutions for our customers’ needs using our high level know-how and experience. We strictly follow changing technology and already provide our customers with different solutions before getting demand, in this way; they are always one step further with our innovative products.

As our new member, what are your expectations about BEYSAD? What can we do for you?

BEYSAD is one of the most important associations in the industry. Its participants are also leaders of the sector and very valuable. Our initial expectation is following-up all developments in-country and abroad and exchanging ideas. BEYSAD is a very vital platform for doing this.


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