Frigoglass organized the Suppliers Day in Dubai
December 2011

Frigoglass, the largest and most geographically diverse company in the Ice-Cold Merchandising market, made their annual Suppliers day meeting in Dubai this year. The headline of the meeting was “First Customer”. Frigoglass produces bottles apart from Cold Drink Merchandisers and the meeting was organized by the bottle factory of the Frigoglass operating in Dubai. Frigoglass was invited 55 Suppliers with 8 Turkish Suppliers who surve them globally. The organization was started with a dinner party and the second day was followed with the Frigoglasses managers sharing their views of the global conditions of the cold merchandise trends and shared their the suppliers at targets with the second day, the work shop made at the second day was also very fruitful for suppliers to understand the exceptions of the Frigoglass. 

Mr. Bostanis, the Purchasing Manager of Frigoglass, said the 2011 was very successful for Frigoglass, and the operations of Frigoglass have increased in USA, too. He also said that the new quality and product integrity function “Supplier Quality” is of outmost importance for them and Frigoglass want to develop and maintain the highest operational standards and to meet that target Frigoglass put the Customer First through sustainable quality. 

Turkish Suppliers who gathered in Turkey last year was also together in the warm atmosphere of Dubai with Frigoglass Managers were happy for welcome of Frigoglass and expect the following meetings to be made at another destination of Frigoglass.

Mr.Bostanis also said that they want to buy more materials from Turkey for their global operations and one of the targets of Ms Gizem Madralı who is recently appointed as a Purchasing Manger to turkey will be to introduce the Turkish Suppliers to the other factories of Frigoglass.

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