Eurotec Sales and Marketing Manager Ersan Biler
March 2015

Dear BEYSAD Readers;
We are happy to introduce you proudly a new member of ours. It is impossible not to be proud of the works they do and be happy with their presence in our family. We would like you to meet Mr. Ersan Biler, the youngSales and Marketing Manager of Eurotec. Stating that Eurotec shows its difference with 
competitive in standard products and rational solutions in custom products,” Mr. Biler’s answers can easily relate to you. We would like to thank him for his time and warmly tell them “Welcome to the BEYSAD family!”

Could you introduce yourself, please?

I was born in Istanbul on September 26, 1980. After graduating from the English Business Administration department of Fatih University, I did MBA in Beykent University. I started working for Eurotec as the Logistics Responsible in December 2004. Afterwards, I worked as the Logistics and Purchasing Responsible and Logistics and Purchasing Director and for the last 4 years, I have been working as the Sales and Marketing Manager.

Could you tell us about Eurotec and its operations?

Eurotec was founded in the European Free Zone-Çorlu in 2004. Having started production in the second half of 2004, Eurotec is operated as a compounder in the Engineering Plastics field. With its investment in cutting-edge technology machines and the importance it attaches to the R&D and the human resources, it has soon become a market leader in the engineering plastics in Turkey and a company that regularly exports goods to 30 countries.

Eurotec was founded to offer competitive standard products and creative solutions for custom products which are reliable in the domestic and foreign markets by giving the support to the companies to which we supply goods to make them successful.

Eurotec has the highest capacity of engineering plastics in Turkey, increasing its capacity 50% once every three years since its establishment with its quality- and customer-focused management and production approach and reaching to 22.500 tons/year installed capacity.

With PA6, PA66, PPA, PBT, PET, PC, PPO, PP, PE, and POM compound products in our very vast range, we have the opportunity to offer differentiating solutions with alternatives to customers from every sector.

Could you tell us about the organizational structure of Eurotec?

Eurotec is a Turkish-German partnership. Eurotec has adopted the systematic German view on quality, management, technology and laboratory means and has a Turkish structure with its customer-orientation, practical solutions and flexibility.

Having been awarded the ISO 9001, 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certificates, the company is managed with utmost sensitivity to and by making no compromises on the health and working conditions of its employees, product quality and environment.

Which sectors do you give service to?

Since Eurotec has a very wide customer portfolio from various sectors, we can use our application knowledge and experience to create innovative solutions for different sectors. Some of the sectors we address to include the white applications, automotive, electric-electronic, sports equipment, safety equipment, garden and electrical household appliances, medical equipment, construction, agricultural instruments and furniture sectors.

Because we have the product diversity needed by all sectors, all the sectors that use engineering plastics have become our target audience. Our product range includes fiberglass, glass marble, carbon fiber, mineral filled formulas as well as halogen-free, halogen and red phosphorus products for applications that require fire resistance. Moreover, heat stabilized, hydrolysis-glycol and hot grease resistant, impact resistant, UV-stabilized, and laser typeable formulas constitute only some of the solutions we can offer.

Could you tell us about your export rate and which countries do you mostly export to?

Eurotec is Turkey’s biggest exporter of engineering plastics. It is the market leader in the country and regularly exports to 30 countries. Since we give service to a wide range of markets and sectors, Eurotec has survived all the local and global crises that have occurred since it was established by growing. The geographies we give service to include Turkey, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Asian countries.

According to the 2014 figures, only 43% of our total sales are towards Turkey. We have exported 57% of our goods. We mostly export to the white appliances, electrical household appliances, automotive, and electrical-electronics sectors. European countries where quality and competition is the highest have the biggest share in our exports.

What differentiates you from your competitors?

At Eurotec, we consider our customers family. For us, product sales are not just about supplying raw materials to customers. We support our customers at every phase of their production process in the technical sense. We have the richest laboratory means in the country. Our customers can seek support from us on any subjects from material selection to new projects, from equivalent product studies to testing existing product raw material standards related to their sectors.

Eurotec was founded to offer competitive standard products and creative solutions for custom products which are reliable in the domestic and foreign markets by giving the support to the companies to which we supply goods to make them successful. Compared to its competitors, Eurotec can create both technical and commercial difference, provides a service quality that is unusual in the engineering plastics market, and adopts “raising the bar higher every year” as its prior objective.

Since it was founded, Eurotec is a company that invests every year, buys machines and equipment with cutting-edge technology, and realizes innovations before all its competitors.

Eurotec, in order to sustain this aspect, allocates minimum 2,000,000 TRY from its budget to R&D activities and laboratory, and production equipment every year. Knowing that research and development is a vital function of companies, the company owns R&D pilot production lines.

The phrase that summarizes the difference of Eurotec is competitive in standard products and rational solutions in custom products”. While we are at least at the same level with the competitors for our standard products in the technical aspect, we are highly competitive commercially. Besides this advantage, what makes us stand out is offering rational and innovative custom products for reasonable prices.

What are your expectations of BEYSAD? Are you satisfied with its activities? What can we do for you?

Although we have been a BEYSAD member for a short time, we have been closely following and we appreciate the successful operations and projects achieved by the Association. As far as we know, it serves in dedication to constantly improve itself and its members and to make contribution by a professional and competent team.

Our top expectation is that BEYSAD maintains, by increasing, its dedication to handle sector problems, its mission of being a bridge among the companies in the same sector, and its contribution to the development of its members.

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