Converters from 18 countries meet at the 3M Converter College in Turkey
22-24 April 2015

3M Converter College” event, organized by 3M Industrial Tapes and Adhesives Business Group, was held in Antalya between 22 and 24 April, and more than 160 customers from 18 countries including Turkey participated in the event which has been the largest event that was organized in the field of adhesive tapes

Converter College Platform is organized in various regions of the world by 3M and this year, it was held in Antalya on 22-24 April with a broad participation of guests from 18 countries. “3M Converter College” event is the only industry-specific meeting platform for converters, and this year more than 160 converters from around Eastern Europe, including particularly Russia and Poland as well as Turkey, participated in the event.

3M Converter College event, organized by 3M Industrial Tapes and Adhesives Business Group, brought together the leading converters that operate in the major appliance and automotive industries. The solutions 3M offers to the converter market, the latest trends and technologies in the market were the main topics that were discussed in the meeting, and trainings on many subjects were also offered.

BEYSAD (White Goods Suppliers Association) participated in the event and made a presentation. Mr Sayat Çakır, a member from the young BEYSAD members initiative, made the presentation on behalf of BEYSAD and gave information about the background of BEYSAD, an association founded in 1993 and bringing together 163 members. He highlighted that BEYSAD is a unique organisation in that there is not any other association comparable to BEYSAD in the rest of the world. He further shared information about the position of the Turkish appliance sector in the global arena. We would like to thank Mr Sayat Çakır for his successful and informative presentation, in addition to thanking our member 3M for their invitation.

This meeting took place as a continuation of the Converter College events 3M organized in Russia, Turkey and Poland in the past two years. The highest outcome on the customer satisfaction survey was achieved as a result of the broad participation and the rich content at the event.

Steve Schreiner, Marketing Director of Global Converter, attended the 3M Converter College event in Antalya and underlined that 3M Industrial Tapes and Adhesives Product Group contributes value to the market with its thousands of products, adding: “In this chain of value, converters, who are our business partners, have a very significant place. Our main objective is to introduce new technologies that we improve every day globally to our business partners, and to increase the value we contribute to customer processes. Central and Eastern Europe are among the priority regions in terms of location and economic status among all the regions in which we operate, and this is why we consistently invest in the Central and Eastern Europe. Our Customer Innovation Centers are operating in most of the countries in the region. Through these investments, we add value to the manufacturing processes by moving a step ahead of customer and market needs, and enable the improvement of our business partners.”

Levent Oğuz, Central and Eastern Europe Converter Manager, said, ”We hosted 163 people from 18 countries in this activity where we shared our ideas with our partner converters from the Eastern European region, on how to add more value to the processes of the main industry by using 3M tapes. During those meetings we exchanged our ideas and  we had the opportunity to introduce our new technologies with our business partners, depending on the market trends. We shared our programs which improve the quality of the service quality of our Converters and reduce the service delivery times. Today, our Converters can try a brand new product in the main industry within one week and we can develop company specific solutions in our laboratories in the US and Poland  and launch them in one month.”

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