Conta Elastik Marketing Specialist Koray Demir
June 2012

Dear BEYSAD Readers;

This week we would like to introduce to you a member company of ours whose management and membership are both young, and this company’s field of production. Mr. Koray Demir, the Marketing Official of Conta Elastik A.Ş. joins us in this issue. Koray Demir is a young member who does not neglect BEYSAD or its activities in spite of his busy schedule and who is enthusiastic to continue his support for us as an associate member of the Association’s Board of Directors, upon his own request. We would like to thank him for accepting our interview request just like he joins us in our meetings and activities, and wish him the continuation of his successes in business life.

Could we please learn more about you?

I graduated from Yıldız Technical University’s Department of Mechanical Engineering in 2000. Following my graduation, I worked as a production and production planning official in several factories. In 2005, I realized the working conditions of these departments did not fit me and I decided to work in the field of sales. I started working at Conta Elastik Ürünler A.Ş. as a sales representative in 2005. I was appointed as the Sales Official in 2006, the position which I am still serving at. 

Could you please give us information about Conta Elastik Company and its activities?Conta Elastik Ürünler San. ve Tic. A.Ş. started its trials for manufacturing Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) based extrusion products in 2004. The first target was the production of Co-ex gaskets for the PVC window profile industry. With the experience gained from this sector, the company started providing TPE-based extrusion products to the White Goods Manufacturers in Turkey. Currently, we are manufacturing products for Dryer Machines and Washing Machines. In 2008 we decided to produce TPE-Based Refrigerator Gasket. We completed our investments rapidly and conducted the R&D studies on product designs. As of yet, we are manufacturing gaskets mainly for industrial coolers and mini bar type coolers. We are conducting a project with a company engaged in the manufacturing of home type refrigerators. Additionally, the R&D project we submitted to TÜBİTAK (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey) has been accepted and its studies are underway. Furthermore, we have patent studies for the products that we developed. 

When did you meet Conta Elastik?

My path crossed with Conta Elastik Ürünler in 2005. When I saw on the internet that they were looking for an employee for the Production Official position I made an application even though I did not desire the production department. When they called me for an interview 2 weeks after my application, they told they already recruited someone for the production official position and they would like to employ me as a sales representative, if I would like. As I already had in my mind to take on a position in the field of sales when I was leaving my last work place, I gladly took the offer. I am still very happy that I serve in this position and that I am a member of the Conta Elastik Ürünler family. 

Could you please give us information about Conta Elastik’s company organization?

Even though Conta Elastik Ürünler was founded in 2005, thanks to the experience it accumulated with its sister companies (Pulver Kimya and Elastron Kimya), it presses forward quickly. Every day, our company takes another step towards institutionalization. Since 2006, it has been receiving consultancy on this subject from an American company and it is inspected 3 times a year by said company. The common target of the group companies is to turn our firms into “Global Companies” and to become capable of making production in various locations of the world. 

Which industries do you serve for?

We are mainly serving for the construction industry, specifically to the PVC window profile sector in that industry. Our target is to increase the variety of the sectors we are working for, which is currently small. White Goods Industry has the top place in our targeted industries. We recruited Implementation and Development employees who are solely focused on this industry to increase our sales amount in the White Goods Industry. The duty of this team is to study on the conversion of rubber and similar parts used in the sector into TPE and to draft a project. Currently, our domestic projects and projects abroad are conducted at full speed. Our target for 2015 is to obtain 35% of our turnover from the White Goods Industry. 

Could you please tell us about your export numbers and the country you export to the most?

There are no countries that we export to in the White Goods Industry. Yet, if our projects are completed this year, our exports to several countries in Europe will begin. In this regard, the activity organized by BEYSAD, in which foreign Main Industries were brought to Turkey and introduced with us proved very beneficial for our firm. As of yet, we export approximately 40% of our production in the Construction Industry, which is our flagship. We are sending our products mainly to European countries as well as Russia, Iran, North Africa and the Turkic Republics. 

What are the traits that distinguish you from your competitors?

Our primary trait is that our production is based on TPE raw materials and we are specialized in this subject. Even though we have adequate production capability, because we believe success comes from focusing, we are not making production with other raw materials both in order to use our sources efficiently and to keep all details under our grasp. Additionally; that we emphasize R&D studies and make the necessary investments to lead developments, to improve quality and to inform the industry are also our most important differences. When we made the decision of manufacturing TPE-based Refrigerator Gaskets, we had no sales agreements with any customer. In fact, many people with whom we shared our dream told the project could not succeed. However, as the firm, we undertook the risk and have begun to see the fruits of this investment after 4 years. 

As a member, what are your expectations from BEYSAD? What can we do for you?

Even though our membership in BEYSAD does not date back to a long time ago, we are happy to be a part of such an association. First, we have been benefiting greatly from the Main Industry – Supplier Industry gatherings and expect that such activities continue. Additionally, supporting the supplier industries, coming up with solutions to their problems and strengthening their positions in the global market through the Strategy Document will be very beneficial and it would show the members what road they should take by displaying where the industry and the market will be headed to in the coming years. We would like to thank everyone contributing to these efforts.

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