30 March 2015

Zhang Xiang an, Mayor of Chuzhou, China, organized a series of events to introduce his district and attract investments by holding meetings in Istanbul, Ankara and Konya with his team of 10 individuals. We hosted the team who wanted to meet our Association in Istanbul in Marriott Hotel Asia on 30.03.2015 Monday.

Our guests included BSH Regional Development Department, Legal and Official Affairs Director Muharrem Yamaç. The meeting was attended by Sefa Böyet, Erdoğan Kalay, and Tolga Ballık among our Board members on behalf of BEYSAD as well as company professionals with experience in China. We would like to thank them for their participation.

The meeting started with the opening speech of Muharrem Yamaç who talked about the significance and power of the Turkish white appliances sector as well as the important role of the sub-industry in this power. He told that we have come to a very good place in terms of white appliances as a country and he talked about our product quality, the quality of the sub-industry, the importance the sector gives to environment and energy, the focus on organized industrial zones and the major benefits of this focus.

Following his speech, Chuzhou Mayor took the stage and said that they were here for two reasons: One - to meet and two – to establish cooperations. He gave information on his region.

Chuzhou is a city in the state of Antuni. It has a total area of 13.000 km2 and a population of 4.5 million. It does not have a traffic problem. The agriculture is based on rice and wheat. Its industries are white appliances, automotive, glass, pharmaceutical, chemistry and food. They perceive their city as the city of white appliances; the production started in the 1980s. They produce refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners and other electrical household appliances. Siemens of the BSH group has high capacity factories here. 2 factories of each were opened and there is still a potential, says Mr. Yamaç.

They want to establish cooperation with Turkey because of the Silk Road project to be started.

After the Mayor, our Board member Sefa Böyet came to the stage on behalf of BEYSAD and talked about BEYSAD and its activities briefly. Afterwards, BEYSAD introduction film and Chuzhou City introduction film were watched. Then, the guests introduced themselves, shared ideas and suggestions and asked questions.

Following the meeting, they had dinner and conversations went on during the dinner.

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