Call Conference Made In The Scope Of The Strategy Paper For White Goods Supply Industry
4-6 May 2012

In the scope of the Strategy Paper for the White Goods Supply Industry, which is prepared under the leadership of BEYSAD (White Goods Suppliers' Association) and TRIA Danışmanlık and URAK (International Competitiveness Research Institute) as stakeholders and which is supported by KOSGEB (Small and Medium Industry Development Organization) and white goods main industry and supply industry firms, a call conference was made on 4-6 May 2012 at the Bolu Abant Palace Hotel with the participation of 37 people.

In addition to the industry's leaders both from the appliance firms and supply firms, thought leaders from TTGV (Technology Development Foundation of Turkey), Ministry of Industry, Istanbul Unions of Exporters, Hürriyet newspaper, a private capital fund management company and Turkish Exporters Assembly shared their valuable opinions with the participants. 

Kerim Han Milar acted as the moderator of the call conference organized by TRIA. The sessions consisted of five phases. 

  1. PHASE: Movements in the world and Turkey           
  2. PHASE: Desired / Threatening Changes - Movements Affecting the White Goods Supply Industry
  3. PHASE: Phases through which the White Goods Main and Supply Industries Have Gone
  4. PHASE: Future of the White Goods Supply Industry
  5. PHASE: Strategies 

Brainstorming meetings were made to discuss above topics both as a large group and with smaller groups. Meetings made on a deductive basis focused on desires and threats regarding the future of industry. Actions that should be taken in order to avert threats and achieve the desired outcomes were recorded. 

With meetings, researches, questionnaires, in-depth interviews and interviews with the leaders of the industry made thus far, the activities for the strategy paper are about to be finalized, as sufficient data have been collected. 

Crucial data were collected at the meetings which were very constructive and efficient. Opinions about the factors that would drive the industry were discussed and topics that were agreed unanimously as a result of long meetings were recorded as strategies. 

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