BSH Oven Plant Convened With Its Supplier Industries on 10 June
June 2011

The Suppliers Day was held on Friday, 10 June 2011 at the Çerkezköy plant with the participation of 80 guests from the domestic supplier companies of the oven plant and the BEYSAD management. 

BSH designated the purpose of the Suppliers Day as “To prepare for the future, to improve our cooperation and to shape growth together with our supply industries”. 

The Motto of the Day:

  • Beraber büyüyelim
  • Wachstum zusammen gestalten
  • Management of joint growth

Opening speech of the meeting was delivered by Dr. Jörg Ulrich, CTO of BSH Çerkezköy Plant. In his speech, Mr. Ulrich stated that “We have investments of up to EUR300 million ahead of us until 2015. The plan is to establish the new R&D center and increase the current number of 137 R&D engineers to 200.” and explained that last year's production number of 3.6 million is also planned to be increased to 5 million by 2015. 

Taking the floor after Dr. Jörg, Mr. Stefan Selz (Business Management Coordinator) gave some general information about BSH and BSH Turkey as well as information about new investments. He shared information with the participants about the new logistics center, new small house appliances plant, the new Management and the construction of R&D buildings.

Following Mr. Selz, Dr. Martin Seidel (Çerkezköy Purchasing Director) took the floor. Mr. Seideltold that “As BSH Turkey, we provide 3-dimensional growth to our supplier companies” and explained: 

“1st Dimension:Growth with us: This dimension necessitates providing and sustaining superior supply performance. Our purchases in 2011 will rise up to EUR700 million; we are under the pressure of escalating costs and competition especially this year. Therefore, we request our supplier companies to emphasize cost reduction activities and ratio projects. The fact that our CP- Small House Appliances Plant started production in 2011 in our current plastics plant constitutes an additional means of growth for our supply industries. The purchasing volume of the CP Plant will be around EUR40 million annually and its product amount will be 2.2 million by 2015. 

2nd Dimension:This dimension necessitates domestically manufacturing those parts that BSH imports as well as offering and sustaining competitive prices. The ratio of our imports from HCC (High Cost Countries) is around 35% and this shows the potential for increasing the number of domestic suppliers and their shares. 

3rd Dimension:This dimension allows becoming a supplier of other BSH plants; that is, becoming a global supplier.“ 

Mr. Seidel left the floor to Mr. Dietmar Fahlbusch, BSH Purchasing Director of Cooker Group, who he gave more detailed information about this subject. Mr. Fahlbusch first shared some general knowledge about BSH oven division:

“Even though BSH cooking devices group has only 11 plants, it also manufactures with 12 domestic and global brands. Sales in 2010 increased to 7.5 million units and the cooker group has approximately more than 6000 employees.”                                                                                                                                  

According to the statement from BSH, Turkish supplier companies' exports to other BSH factories have increased to EUR50 million annually. In order to support the activities for increasing this number, SII – Supply Industry Improvement Teams have been formed in the cooker group and Çerkezköy purchasing department.

 At the end of the meeting, Oven Plant Director Muharrem Yamaç took the floor, summarized the previous speeches in single sentences and made the following statements:

 “Our Oven Plant is growing rapidly. Whereas our production numbers were around 250 thousands at the beginning of the 2000s, we will achieve manufacturing 870 thousand units this year and we are aiming to increase our production above 1 million until 2015. Especially this year, we are carrying out 20% more than the planned production numbers. To ensure that our supplier companies act in parallel with us in terms of capacity calculation, production planning and order management; we invited especially the planners of our supplier companies today.

 As FIH (Çerkezköy Oven Plant), we are the leader of quality and efficiency among all BSH oven plants and all BSH plants at large. Our oven factory ensures the best customer satisfaction with “0” faults. Thanks to these, today we are exporting to Europe and many other countries of the world (approximately 40 countries). This illustrates the importance we and our supply industries place on quality. As the oven plant, we are supporting our supply industries and we are ready to support them even more. Competition is on the rise now and we should act with the awareness that we are all on the same boat.”

 The Suppliers Day ended after the shooting of group photos, factory visit and several work group activities.

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