BEYSAD Visited The USA As A Part Of Urge Study TURKHAS2
5-12 January 2017

We as BEYSAD organized a trip to the USA as a part of our Urge Project that is ongoing in collaboration with our shareholder TET (Turkish Electrical Electronics and Services Exporters Association).
A group of 27 individuals including TET Board executives and representatives from 12 of our member companies participated in the “TURKHAS URGE Team’s American Trade Delegate” to Las Vegas/Nevada and Raleigh/North Carolina of the United States of America on January 5-12, 2017.
Regarding the trip, Mr. Ş. Burak Özaydemir, Chairperson of the Board of Directors of BEYSAD, gave a statement saying “We have successfully completed our visit to the CES Fair and various manufacturers in the USA in order to evaluate the American market, to follow global white appliances trends and to assess the potential for export based on our plan in the needs analysis of our URGE project. In the CES Fair we had the opportunity to observe the development and especially convergence of all the consumer technologies including white appliances, electronics and automotive on the global scale both in terms of global companies and start-up companies that trigger innovation. What we have seen is that white appliances are becoming an important part of the Internet of Things where various services and solutions are offered including the market order; sound and motion control stands out; and also, product ranges are starting to include new products such as house robots, beer making, health solutions, food recycle, clothes folding, wine analysis, etc. 
BSH and Electrolux we visited after the fair told us about the expectations of the producers in the US market of suppliers and their primary needs. Our member companies held meetings with the respective purchasing executives regarding the project and technical details in their own areas and defined the next steps. In the light of the current developments in the USA, they aim to look for alternatives to Asian supplies and to increase the local American content.
We would like to thank the TET executives and team who put effort in making this trip happen as well as all our members who took part in the trip.”
We visited the CES Consumer Electronics Fair on January 6-7…
The program started with a visit to the CES Fair held in Las Vegas for the 50th time. Besides major companies including Vestel, Samsung, Whirlpool, LG, Bosch, Panasonic, and 3M, a high number of start-ups attended from various countries and we could see their innovations. Moreover, we spent time at the Vestel stand and were informed on the fair. We would like to thank the esteemed Vestel executives for their hospitality.
Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is a consumer electronics fair held in Las Vegas, Nevada in January every year by Consumer Electronics Association. The central part is in Las Vegas Convention Center and also additional events are organized in various other venues. The fair has become the most important technology fair held in the Americas after the Comdex fair was cancelled.
The first CES was organized in New York in June 1967. The fair was held biennially from 1978 to 1994. Today many leading brands perform the first promotion of their new products and technologies in this fair.
The world’s biggest consumer electronics fair CES 2017 (Consumer Electronics Show) stood out by hosting many interest products from almost all countries. In the fair, the leading technology and electronics brands launch their new products every year. This year, too, hosted very original innovations.
CES 2017 brought world giant together
The world’s most important technology fair CES 2017 hosts over 3,800 companies and over 165 thousand participants from 150 countries.
Organized in Las Vegas, the USA for the 50th time this year, the world’s leading electronics show CES 2017 (Consumer Electronics Show 2017) brought technology giants together. Over 3,800 brands that are operated in the electronics sector took part in the fair which hosted over 165 thousand participants from 150 countries. In the fair that started in three different venues in the city, new products developed by many well-known brands met those who were interested. Personal robots, 8K televisions, smart house systems, drones, virtual reality and wearable technology products and self-driving cars received much interest in the fair. Some brands and company representatives from Turkey also attended the fair. CES 2017 was a show where companies almost raced each other to promote their products. Besides special shows, sessions and meetings, over 300 conferences were held during the fair which ended on January 9. Drones that were promoted at the fair received much acclaim. One of the products that attracted the most attention was the drone that was developed to fly humans and stated to have completed over 200 trial runs.
After the 2-day fair visit, our group went to North Carolina and visited BSH-New Bern dishwasher and cooker production facilities and Electrolux North America Headquarters. The meetings were very fruitful and as BSH and Electrolux told us about themselves and their needs, we told them about BEYSAD and TURKHAS activities. After the presentations, the companies had the chance to hold bilateral meetings.
With the BSH visit on January 9 the headquarters are in California… In New Bern, 1000 people are employed; approximately 1 million dishwashers and 500.000 ovens are produced per year. As OEM, they procure from their facilities in Turkey and China. Their purchasing target is increasing the local supply rate.

With the Electrolux visit on January 10, we learnt the following: 60 million products are produced in the American market; North America is the biggest market of Electrolux, which exports to 150 countries, by 35%. Their production consists of 62% kitchen, washers, 7% small home appliances, 5% industrial kitchen. The company has 7 facilities in North America, 5 in South America, 19 in Europe and 4 in Asia. What they expect of their suppliers is quality, financial stability and compliance to the code of conduct.

Participating members; Akım Metal, Alplas, Atasan Metal, ATM Beyaz Eşya, Başoğlu Kablo, DeKa Elektroteknik, Era Elektromekanik, Esalba Metal, Gençler Kablo, Kabel Kablo, Punteks, San Metal…  
We would like to thank all our members who took part in the event and our TURKHAS shareholder TET and the esteemed executives as well as the whole team who made this event possible.

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