BEYSAD Visited Romania
11-13 April 2017

As a part of its Strategy Document – Export Committee activities; BEYSAD conducted a visit to Romania with 33 member companies on April 11-13, 2017.
BEYSAD (White Goods Suppliers’ Association) President Mr. Ş. Burak Özaydemir gave the following speech on the trip;
“BEYSAD considers it important for our members to operate in different geographies in terms of the global competitiveness of our industry. However, in order for such ventures to become successful and sustainable, they need to be designed using the right plan and business models. In this sense, it is pleasing to see a high attendance to this trip to Romania, the focus country in our sector, to observe the investment areas there, which was organized by our Export Committee. The program included meetings with central and local public officials, presentations by specialized counselors on financial and legal processes, and the visit to Arçelik Arctic facilities, which provided our members with a tremendous opportunity to observe to make right decisions. We would like to organize more events to Romania with different scopes and contents and support our members. This visit was a major threshold is this direction and we would like to thank Arçelik and BEYSAD teams for making this event happen and all our members who attended.”
At the first meeting held with Invest Romania and Wfs authorities on April 11 morning, brief general information was provided on investment opportunities in Romania and any challenges. The introduction meeting continued with a mutual Q&A session and ended by submitting plaques to the authorities.
The second half of the day, an approximately 5-hour meeting was held with about 60 attendees in Radisson Blu Bucharest about investment opportunities in Romania, potential hardships, the financial, legal, construction, and HR aspects that could affect the investment, which was made possible by the support and meticulous preparation of ABS Danışmanlık authorities. After specific topics, all the presenters provided answers to questions in a panel session. It was a very fruitful meeting and got full marks by our members. At the end of the day, Thank You Plaques were presented and a memory photograph was taken, ending the meeting.
In the evening, we had a formal dinner with Romania Turkish Businessmen Association’s President Mr. Murat Demiray and Elif Trading authority Mr. Bülent Özkan, where the topic was discussed and ideas were exchanged.
On April 12, as of 10.00 Arçelik-Arctic Gaeşti Refrigerator Plant meetings started. During the first half of the day, Arctic Authorities, especially Arctic S.A. General Manager Mr. Nihat Bayız, Mr. Hakan Salca, just assigned as the Operation Director to Romania, and his team informed attendees about the operations of Arctic. Moreover, the local Vice President Claudia Gilia also shared their perspective and provided us with important information.
During the second half of the day after lunch, PwC authorities were there with a strong team and a full agenda, as they were at the previous day’s ABS Briefing Meeting, and informed attendees for 3 hours. The day ended with Q&A, it was a productive day that enabled contacts to be built.
We would like to thank our members in the Export Committee, all our shareholders for support, and all of our members for attending. We would like to welcome you again in other events.
Attending companies:Akplas, Alpplas, Atasan Metal, Balorman, Başoğlu Kablo, Cam Merkezi, Deka Elektroteknik, Endel, Erta, Haksan, Kalmaksan, Konveyör, Mefa Endüstri, Murat Civata, San Metal, Semiz Elektronik, Sipil A.Ş., Teknikaplast, Teleset, Turaş Gas, UGC Civata, Valfsan…

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