BEYSAD visited Automatica 2016-Munich fair that focused on INDUSTRY 4.0 and successful factories
21-24 June 2016

“The thing about Industry 4.0 is neither just a human-free production not just automation.“

BEYSAD was in Stuttgart and Munich with a team of 30 individuals from June 21-24. Our program started with a visit to Festo Industry 4.0 factory in Stuttgart on the 21st and continued with the Automatica Fair that was held on June 22-23. During the fair, at our stand appointments with Fanuc, Staubli, Kuka, Universal Robots, and Festo the company executives did presentations for our team and we concluded our trip with a visit to Kuka Factory and BMW World on Friday.

We would like to thank all the participating companies and all the hospitable company executives.

The trip was evaluated by Mr. Burak Özaydemir, Chairperson of the Board of Directors of BEYSAD, in these words: “In order to increase general awareness about transforming into Industry 4.0 that is in the agenda of our country and our sector and to be able to establish close contacts with technology companies, we planned a trip to the Automatica fair, which although was very tiring proved to be effective and fruitful. In the meantime, we had the chance to see the latest developments in the field in the world at the fair and observe their advanced implementations in factories in Europe. We think it is a critical criterion of success that the companies can select the most compliant solutions to their own products and structures of the wide range of technologies that are in this transformation and adapt them with the right solution partners. All these observations confirmed that this transformation has a high priority for our sector. The potential of our sector and that common projects can be created motivated technology companies to produce solutions specifically for us. All these gains will shine a light on and energise the future activities of our Association regarding Industry 4.0. We would like to thank once again all the participating members and hosting companies.”

The first stop of the visit was the Headquarters of Festo in Esslingen, which is also a BEYSAD member.

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