BEYSAD - TET TURKHAS-2 Team Visited Defy and Whirlpool in south Afrika
23-29 September 2017

As you know, as a part of the "Communiqué on Supporting the Improvement of International Competition" no. 2010/8, we completed the first TURKHAS project and have initiated the second one, which is continuing with great success, in order to facilitate the entry of the companies that export in the White Goods Suppliers’ Industry into new markets and to improve their exporting capacities by TET - Turkish Electrical Electronics and Services Exporters Association.

The purpose of this project which we called "White Goods Suppliers’ Industry Overseas Marketing Team – TURKHAS-2” that was set off with 23 member companies is to bring together a limited number of companies that will create a synergy in overseas marketing around common objectives and common marketing activities.

After this brief introduction, we would like to tell you about TURKHAS-2 team’s trip to South Africa.

TURKHAS-2 team traveled to South Africa as 17 individuals from 10 member companies, TET and BEYSAD authorities on September 23-29, 2017. The program started in Cape Town and the first event was the WESGRO investment agency meeting. At the meeting, Jarrod Lyons shared important information with us on the country, the ways of business conduct, investment advantages and opportunities. Although South Africa seems to be a difficult geography, it is a country of opportunities… The country has a good many major automotive companies including GM, Volkswagen, Mercedes, and Toyota and white goods companies including Defy, Whirlpool, and Hisense.

During this event, a whole day was spared to visit Whirlpool KIC brand refrigerator production facilities in the Durban city. Following bilateral informative presentations, B2B meetings were held. With a Q&A session, our members got answers to their burning questions about the sector. We would like to thank all Whirlpool authorities, especially İlyas Kil for their support during this event.

On the last day of the trip, Defy refrigerator, deep freezer and oven facilities in Ezakheni were visited. On this day, Defy General Manager Hakan Kozan and Group Purchasing Manager Emre Tacenur informed us. The event ended with a dinner. We would like to thank the Defy team for their support.

We are thrilled to get positive feedback from our members on the event. We would like to express our gratitude to TET managers and authorities as well as valued employees for their effort in arranging this organization and also, our participating members.  

BEYSAD Chairperson of the Board of Directors Ş. Burak Özaydemir:
“BEYSAD considers it critically important towards the mission of becoming Turkey’s global technology and production base for the White Goods and Suppliers’ Industry that our members increase their international activities and the Ur-Ge Project we hold in collaboration with TET is a critical contribution to this end. South Africa, one of the target markets determined during B2B meetings and common mind meetings held with our members at the Ur-Ge need analysis stage, is preferred as a good starting point to grab a share in the expected rapid growth of the forgotten continent Africa in the near future.

During our visit we paid accordingly, we visited the production facilities of Whirlpool, the number one White Goods producer in all of Africa, and of DEFY, market leader with Arçelik investment,  and looked into the industry’s technical needs and production conditions and product preferences in the country in the retail side. We gained the necessary information on the investment situation and public policies in the country through meetings with local investment agencies.

We believe that our trip to South Africa that requires care and attention in terms of investment incentives, local legislation and industrial relations, but has a significant infrastructure superiority compared to other African countries gave us a critical opportunity to observe the country’s export and investment opportunities. We, BEYSAD, would like to thank TET for making this event possible and our members for their participation.”

Besim T. Oktayer, Member of Board of Supervisors of TET (Turkish Electrical Electronics and Services Exporters Association):
“We traveled to the other end of the world. Yes, we’ve come a long way, but it was worth it. Seeing here changed my perspective, while I hear the expression “This is Africa” a lot. The Republic of South Africa is very different than other African countries; it’s like a sunny European country. Buildings, roads even people do not reflect the general African picture. The impression I have got is that here is the gate to Africa and that the African continent has a high potential of rapid growth and will soon become the world’s biggest market.

South Africa does not have a big economy. Although the growth speed has slowed down in the recent years, I believe it will gain a momentum in the years to come. Industrialization has an old history and tradition; the recent recession has created a major unemployment, which means these days pose an opportunity for investors.

Employer-employee relations are difficult and unions are strong, there are high incentives for investors, and the closed economy is a big plus for local production. South Africa is awaiting its new investors.

With this trip we visited a country that would otherwise be incomprehensible without seeing. We had the chance to stop by DEFY, as well, and was proud once more of Arçelik and its employees’ success. I would like to thank all the TET and BEYSAD personnel for their time and effort in this trip.”

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