BEYSAD Strategy Paper was an agenda item on BSH’s washing machine supplier day
18 April 2013

On Thursday, 18 April 2013, BSH Çerkezköy Plant hosted a washing machine supplier day with the participation of Mr. Fischer, BSH Global Purchasing Director, and other senior executives.

In addition to suppliers consisting mostly of Turkish firms, BEYSAD attended the event. Bahadır Balkır, Chairman of the Board of Directors of BEYSAD, Hasan Danişment, Vice-Chairman, Ayşegül Koç, Corporate Communication Manager, and Murat Öney, a member of the young BEYSAD group, represented BEYSAD at this event. BEYSAD was requested to make a presentation in order to inform the attendants about the Strategy Paper for the White Goods Supply Industry. After making a brief opening speech at the outset of the BEYSAD slot, Bahadır Balkır thanked Mr. Fischer for their contribution to the Strategy Paper and granted a thank you plaque. He then left the stage to Murat Öney, a young BEYSAD member, who made the presentation. Both BSH directors and suppliers showed much interest in the BEYSAD presentation which focused on the preparation process of the Strategy Paper, committee activities and actions for the industry. With his fluent English and high presentation skills, Murat Öney made a very successful presentation. Therefore, we would like to thank him as a young BEYSAD member for his effort.

The meeting started with the opening speech of the Reha Özkan, Purchasing Director, who then left the stage to Mr. Fischer so that he could make the presentation. Mr. Fischer’s presentation impressed the audience with his coherent, enjoyable and informative presentation skills. Mr. Adamowichz, Plant Manager, and Mr. Martin Seidel, Çerkezköy Plant Purchasing Directors took the floor afterwards. The BEYSAD presentation was included in the morning session which ended with presentations on technical topics. Lunch break was given then.

In the morning session of the meeting, Coko-Werk and Else Kablo, which are both BEYSAD members, told about their success stories. Mr. Hayrettin Kar from Coko-Werk told how their company adapted their operations from global to local as part of their business partnership with BSH, while Ms. Elif Erez from Else Kablo explained how their firm transformed from a local supplier to a global one in this process.

In the afternoon session, attendants visited certain parts of the plant. And workshops as well as one-to-one meetings were made with the suppliers. At the end of the event BSH granted rewards to its successful suppliers. Several BEYSAD members such as Teknopark, De-Ka and Teknokauçuk were also rewarded.

We congratulate all our members and wish them profitable businesses. We also would like to thank BEYSAD officials for their hospitality again.

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