BEYSAD organized an R&D focused project engineer training
20-21 November 2015

BEYSAD organized an R&D focused project engineer training program for the White Appliances Sector. The first portion of the 4-day program was held in Hilton Kozyatağı Hotel on November 20-21 by the attendance of 19 trainees, while the second portion of the program will take place in the same venue on December 4-5.

The only way to global competition today is innovation, research and development (R&D) and product development (PD). Increased incentives and supports, the social awareness that has been developed by increased number of awareness studies and the establishment of new R&D units also play a great role in improving this field.

It is frequently encountered during new product developments in both internally-financed projects and projects supported by external grants and incentives that more than necessary resources (time, money, and labor) are spent or the project is not successfully completed, when project designing and standard project management methodologies are not implemented.


In the scope of this training organized based on the importance of this issue, the following topics were handled: What innovation, R&D (research and development) and PD (product development) are for the white appliances sector, how they are associated with each other, what their stages and types are, how they are managed, how the innovative organization structures should be in companies.

Moreover, topics including how to design an R&D and PD project, the fundamental concepts of project management, project structuring, establishing a project team, project management models and processes, defining project steps, measuring project performance, project time plan (Gantt Diagram), defining critical project steps, project budgeting, balancing cost and benefit, and preparing a project work file.

In the training, project teams were established to work on a sample project subject determined specifically for the white appliances sector (wireless tea maker for outdoors), the participants made applications in stages and the first 2 portions of an entire project planning were completed in the 2-day portion of the training and the project will continue on the other two days.

In these case studies realized with the teams, witnessing that the participants had an enjoyable time besides coming up with very creative projects and time flew swiftly for everyone with the synergy created also made us happy.

At the last session of the first day of the training program, 2 top level managers from Arçelik R&D Unit İffet İyigün Meydanlı (Innovation Process Manager) and Melda Polat (Innovation Process Senior Specialist) joined us and shared with us their experiences on R&D management, new product development processes and the management of R&D projects at Arçelik. We would like to thank the authorities for their precious contributions and our esteemed members for their participation…

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