BEYSAD Members In Arçelik's Domestic Garage
28 March 2017

Arçelik expects 20 thousand new ideas from entrepreneurs per year.

Arçelik wants to enable technology startups to turn their ideas into prototypes and then into products more easily, thus it opened the center in the Çayırova Campus called ‘Garage.’ The center is open to all startups with ideas and expected to enable 200 prototypes to be created out of 20 thousand ideas to be received per year.
As a part of our Industry 4.0 operations, we continue to share exemplary applications with our members and invite our members to events where they can see sample applications of our shareholders. In this scope, on Tuesday, March 28, 2017 we visited Arçelik Workshop 4.0 and Garage in 2 separate sessions.
The visits toWorkshop 4.0 that was created to introduce the production technologies of the future and to enable experiencing these technologies one-to-one and Garage that was built so that employees have a place to realize their original ideas that provides them with digital advanced production technologies and encourages them to work together were attended by 70 BEYSAD members in total and were carried out as per the program below. 
Details of the Program:
Greeting at Workshop 4.0
Briefing on Arçelik Industry 4.0 applications
Visit to Workshop 4.0
Transfer to Garage
Visit to Garage 

We would like to thank all Arçelik authorities who made this event happen and all our members who showed interest and attended to the event.
Koç Group’s consumer electronics and white goods company Arçelik opened its center called ‘Garage’ in the Çayırova Campus in order to support technology startups and makers. ‘Garage’ by Arçelik has been founded to allow startups focused on hardware to create prototypes out of their ideas fast and turn them into products and designed to be open to everyone from age 7 to 70. In this framework, users are provided with shared working spaces and all the instruments required for prototype production including industrial 3D printers and CNC machines.
20 thousand ideas per year
Before, to be be creative at R&D, to analyze customer needs accurately and accordingly, to make the product much easily, we employed engineers, said Arçelik A.Ş. Production and Technology Vice General Manager Oğuzhan Öztürk, and he added: “Today we work in a multidisciplinary approach including not only people with technical experience, but also employees specialized in various professional fields. We define Garage as a new Renaissance. We created this space so that anyone with a solid idea can turn their dreams into reality in a short time. Our goal is to assess 20 thousand ideas per year, create 200 prototypes, and design and make products of the future in Garage.”
Mr. Öztürk stated that startups with ideas go through 4 different processes in order to realize a product and he continued, “The first of these processes is ‘Ideathon’. At this stage, startups discuss their ideas with people from different areas. Those ideas developed pass to the second process that is ‘Makeathon’. Here these ideas are cut and made tangible. Next, the ideas that can pass to ‘Boothcamp’ are turned into prototypes. The successful projects are submitted on ‘Demo day’ attended by our senior executives to be turned into products. When a project is approved by our senior executives, the startup is supported to turn it into a product.”
Built a “workshop” for Industry 4.0
Mr. Öztürk told us that they built ‘Workshop 4.0’ so that Arçelik A.Ş. employees can experience Industry 4.0 through the best examples and added: “Reviewing the smart factories around the world, we identify the areas to improve in Arçelik processes. We set off this road to transformation with high automation, data mining and analytics, high efficiency and pilot projects in quality-focused agile production systems. We are focusing on integrating visual technologies including augmented reality and virtual reality, human-robot interacting work stations and smart automation systems that can make decisions into our processes.”  Mr. Öztürk also said that they built TECH PRO Academy in collaboration with Koç University about which he commented: “Competence requirement analyses are carried out in this academy.”

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