BEYSAD made its 20th Ordinary Financial General Assembly Meeting
9 April 2013

BEYSAD’s 20th Ordinary Financial General Assembly Meeting for the year 2013 was made at the Marriott Hotel Asia on Tuesday, 09 April 2013. 

Attended by 75 people, the meeting’s main subject was the Strategy Paper for the White Goods Sector. BEYSAD managers, members and main industry officials who contributed to the preparation of the Strategy Paper were also present at the meeting. The meeting focused on sharing general information about the Strategy Paper. And, outside the ordinary agenda of the general assembly meeting, the second part of the meeting aimed at receiving the opinions of chairmen of the committees, created in the aftermath of the Strategy Paper in order to achieve the defined targets, as well as thoughts of the main industry officials regarding the process. 

In addition to BEYSAD members, the meeting saw participation from officials of main industry firms Arçelik, BSH and Indesit Company, Özcan Aydilek, Chairman of the Board of Directors of TÜRKBESD (White Goods Manufacturers’ Association of Turkey) and Rifat Öztaşkın TÜRKBESD General Coordinator. Vestel officials could not attend the meeting due to a last minute change in their schedule. 

The meeting started with the formal opening, a minute silence and singing of the Turkish national anthem. The presidency council for the meeting consisted of Murat Fırat, Fevzi Çakmak and İsmail Hakkı Özdoğan. 

Bahadır Balkır, Chairman of the Board of Directors of BEYSAD, made the opening speech at the meeting and presented the 2012 Annual Report. Bahadır Balkır underlined that due care was taken in order to ensure all the activities were carried out by a team with the involvement of board members and BEYSAD members and the outcome was a successful team work. He extended his profuse thanks to all the team members who made remarkable contribution to all the activities. Balkır listed the 2012 activities as follows: 

  • BEYSAD 2012 Ordinary General Assembly Meeting
  • Completion of the Strategy Paper and creation of the committees
  • Performance of call conference in the scope of activities for the Strategy Paper
  • Launch of the Young BEYSAD Members project
  • Ongoing İMMİB (Istanbul Mineral and Metals Exporters' Association) - BEYSAD Appliance Marketing Team Project
  • Visits to Borçelik, Sarkuysan and Trakya Cam in the scope professional business trips
  • Two different Big Tent Events with Whirlpool
  • Presentation on BEYSAD’s evaluation of BSH’s purchasing policies from the perspective of a supplier
  • Visits to 13 BEYSAD members and all of the main industry firms (number of member visits made so far reached 128)
  • Release of the 147th edition of the weekly newsletters to the recipients one day in advance of the general assembly meeting
  • Ten new members joining BEYSAD in this period
  • Publication of the BEYSAD Magazine on quarterly basis (93th issue)
  • Relocation of BEYSAD to its new office

Events where BEYSAD was represented:

  • Arçelik’s Supply Industry Day
  • Termikel’s Suppliers’ Day
  • TET R&D Project Market
  • İMMİB Indonesia – Malaysia Trade Delegation
  • Introduction Meeting for the UL certification
  • Farewell Event for the CEO of Klimasan
  • Introduction Meeting of the Ministry of Economy for the Production-Development Project
  • The Event entitled 3M Innovation Everywhere
  • 7th Steel Conference
  • 8th SMEs and Efficiency Congress
  • Events of the Risk and Entrepreneurship School of Aydın University
  • Introduction Meeting for the Electric-Electronic Strategy Paper
  • İMMİB Design Awards Ceremony and School Opening Ceremony
  • Meetings of YİSAD (Association of Flat Steel Importers and Manufacturers) 

Following the listing of the activities, in line with the agenda Birnur Yenier, Certified Public Accountant of BEYSAD, presented BEYSAD’s 2012 balance sheet and profit/loss statement. The Audit Board’s Report was read by Handan Hasipek, a member of the Audit Board. The activity program and draft budget for the year 2013 was discussed and put to the vote. It was unanimously approved. 

Members of the Board of Directors, Audit Board and Discipline Board were all released from liability for the year 2012. 

In the best wishes section of the meeting, a thank you plaque was granted by the BEYSAD Chairman Bahadır Balkır to Hamdi Erem, a member of the Board of Directors of BEYSAD, as he was the BEYSAD member who attracted the most new members to BEYSAD. Asuman Gürsoy, General Coordinator of Tat Metal, a BEYSAD member, took the floor and expressed their satisfaction with BEYSAD activities and the Strategy Paper, in addition to noting that they would like to host BEYSAD members at their facilities as part of the professional business trips. 

After a short coffee break, Murat Önay, former BEYSAD chairman, took the floor and expressed his opinions about the strategic changes which the industry went through over the years. Saying that he was very pleased with the remarkable progress of BEYSAD, he thanked to the leading main industry firms for their contribution and support to the white goods supply industry. Then, as officials from Tria Danışmanlık that served as a BEYSAD stakeholder in the creation of the Strategy Paper, Melih Yurdagül, General Manager, and Özra Gökçe, Project Manager, took the floor and made a presentation in order to inform the audience about the preparation process of the Strategy Paper.

It is now common knowledge that BEYSAD created five different committees in order to ensure the realization of the five targets set out in the aftermath of the Strategy Paper. Following the presentation of Tria Danışmanlık, the chairmen of these five committees shared brief information about the activities of their respective committees. 

Hasan Danişment took the floor and debriefed the audience on behalf of the Global Supply Industry Committee, Orhan Yeloğlu on behalf of the Committee for Improving Communication and Cooperation, Burak Özaydemir on behalf of the Committed for R&D Capacity Improvement and Innovation, Semavi Yorgancılar on behalf of the Committee for Necessary Qualified Human Resource and Besim Oktayer on behalf of the Committee for Increasing the Global Competitive Strength. 

Finally, main industry officials, who have always supported BEYSAD in these processes and will attend the committee meetings, told about their opinions on the Strategy Paper process and their satisfaction with the result. Yasemin Kaya, Arçelik’s Purchasing Manager in charge of System Development and Projects, Ulaş Özen, BSH’s Purchasing Manager at the Refrigerator Plant and Turgay Dağ, Indesit Country Manager, took the floor individually and expressed their opinions in relation to these processes, in addition to stating their satisfaction with the dialogue platform created during these activities. 

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