BEYSAD in Romania to visit Arçelik Arctic S.A.
4-5 March 2015

BEYSAD paid a visit to Romania with 26 BEYSAD member companies and 35 individuals on March 4-5, 2015.

The visit was made by BEYSAD Chairperson of the Board Bahadır Balkır, Vice Chairperson Burak Özaydemir, Members of the Board Erdoğan Kalay, Sefa Böyet, Murat Öney, Berrak Çekin and President of the Supervisory Board Besim Oktayer as well as many members. The high participation from young Beysad members caught the eye. Moreover, Yasemin Kaya, Purchasing Manager of Arçelik Turkey, accompanied the group from Turkey during the visit. The event was sponsored by Motiva Turizm. We would like to thank our participants and the agency for its supports.

The program started in Istanbul Atatürk Airport on the morning of March 4. The first destination in Romania was Arçelik Arctic Facility and together, they had lunch. During lunch where many people attended, they had the chance of chatting and gaining knowledge. Next, the facility was visited.

The program started with the opening speech of Arçelik Arctic S.A. Romania Country Manager Hasan Ali Yardımcı. In his welcome speech, Mr. Yardımcı expressed his satisfaction with this visit and gave brief information on Romania and Arctic. He proudly told about the big growth of Arctic in the recent years and answered the questions of a few members regarding investment opportunities in Romania.

After Mr. Yardımcı, Burak Özaydemir, Vice Chairperson of the Board of BEYSAD, showed the introductory film on BEYSAD and gave a presentation on the Association. Mr. Özaydemir provided the Romanian authorities with important information on BEYSAD, its activities, member profile and the figures of the Turkish white appliances industry.

Next, Purchasing Manager Oktay Dönmez, who supported us well during the trip organization, gave an informational presentation and showed the factory’s development over the years on tables of figures. Afterwards, a Q and A session was held. Information was provided on the investment opportunities in Romania. We would like to thank them for supporting us in this process.

Arctic Today;

Located on an area of 297.000 m2; with 2,070 employees and a production capacity of 2,590,000 items per year in compliance with all the EU quality standards including TUV, VDE, BEAB, and CCC as well as ISO 9001 & 14001 from IQ Net and ISO 9001 from UL; the company exports 87% of its production, meets 35% of the domestic white appliances market and includes 45% refrigerators, 20% washing machines and 15% cooking group in its production range.

After the presentations, BEYSAD Chairperson of the Board Bahadır Balkır took the stage and thanked both Arctic authorities and the participants. He expressed his satisfaction and submitted a thank you plaque to Hasan Ali Yardımcı.

Following the 1-hour factory visit held after the meeting, the group left the facility.

Upon a small city tour organized the next day, the Bucharest Turkish Businessmen Association was visited. BEYSAD Group was warmly welcome there. In this meeting, the Group was accompanied by TİAD Vice Chairperson of the Board Ahmet Hamdi Demirel, the General Secretary Güven Güngör and the Members of the Board. Following Mr. Demirel’s warm and sincere welcome speech, Güven Güngör showed us a very informative presentation that provided us with a wide angle and answered the questions of our members. (The members who want to obtain this presentation may contact the Association Center.)

Afterwards, thank you plaques were mutually presented and the program ended with a group photograph shoot.

We wish to see you again in another event.

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