6 May 2016

BEYSAD Business Trip became a White Appliances Sector Day in Ereğli with the participation of the members and the main industry authorities…

In 2011, BEYSAD decided to organize business trips to visit the manufacturing facilities of our members in order to improve cooperation and help using business opportunities between our members and the first trip was organized to Ereğli Demir ve Çelik Fabrikaları T.A.Ş. Ereğli Tesisleri inOctober 2011.

Since then, we visited various other facilities of our esteemed members. Now once again we visited Erdemir Group after their kind invitation and we witnesses how much Erdemir Group developed over the years and their hard work for Turkey. On this opportunity, we would like to thank the entire Erdemir Group staff for their precious hospitality and for their devotion in the organization of the trip.

Erdemir Group, the only integrated flat steel manufacturer in Turkey which can produce both long and flat steel, offers countless solutions to its customers with its hundreds of products in compliance with the international standards and produced using the modern technology including sheets, hot-rolled, cold-rolled, galvanized, tin- and chrome-coated flat steel products as well as its quality of steel.

Erdemir Group accomplished 28% of Turkey’s total raw steel production on its own in 2015. It was the 8th in Europe in raw steel production in 2014 and the 3rd in AB-28. It was ranked among the top 10 steel companies of the world based on a research conducted by Word Steel Dynamics regarding rate of using capacity, value added product range, production cost, financial structure, competition, etc. Erdemir Group celebrated its 50th year anniversary in 2015. It offers its products made in its production facilities that have improved since its establishment to the domestic market as well as to 42 countries.

Erdemir Group has been serving the Turkish industry for 51 years and organized the White Appliances Sector Day in Ereğli on Friday May 6, 2016 attended by approximately 45 people and supported by BEYSAD…

On the Sector Day that was attended by BEYSAD members and Erdemir Group’s customers operated in the white appliances sector, Erdemir Ereğli Integrated facility was visited and through the presentations, Erdemir Group, its products and successful development were introduced. The visit was acclaimed by the guests and brought together the representatives of the white appliances sector that are the authorities from Arçelik, BSH, Vestel and Candy and the production department executives ofErdemir.

The guests had lunch in Göztepe Restaurant located within Erdemir Ereğli Demir Çelik Tesisleri and then, visited the integrated facility. The visit started with Erdemir Port and continued with the coke facilities, 1. Blast Furnace, 2. Hot Strip Rolling Plant, cold rolling mill, galvanizing line and steel service center ERSEM.

With this visit organized by Erdemir Group, the representatives of the white appliances main industry and suppliers had the chance to see the production lines where Erdemir Group’s products for the white appliances sector are made. Besides, the guests were informed on Erdemir Group’s leading position in the sector in terms of the supply of the prime qulity material on international norms.

Through this visit, the guests also had the opportunity to learn about Erdemir Group’s quality studies on enameling product making and investments in service centers for sourcing cut and shredded (processed) sheets demanded by the white appliances sector.

The organization received appreciation from BEYSAD members and Erdemir Group’s customers in the White Appliances Sector and ended with a photograph shooting and the bus trip back to Istanbul.

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