BEYSAD held an event at Okan University as a part of the project on meeting with university students
15 June 2016

As a part of our efforts to draft the Strategy Document, after the mutual cooperation agreements made with universities, we continue to organize events of Meeting with University Students in order to bring our members and university students closer, to let them know about opportunities and to see their efforts on site.

In this regard, after the event in Özyeğin University, an event was held in Okan University hosted by ARPROGED (Research, Project Development Directorship) on Wednesday, June 15, 2016. Approximately 20 members and many professors of the university participated in the event and the participating members were given the chance to conduct bilateral discussions on projects. We would like to thank all executives, professors and employees who put their best effort in this special event, especially the Rectorship of the university and Prof. Dr. Nejat Tuncay, Dean of the School of Engineering and Architecture.

The program that started in the morning was opened by Prof. Dr. Nejat Tuncay, Dean of the School of Engineering and Architectureand then, by Prof. Dr. Alinur Büyükaksoy, Vice Rector who gave a presentation on the university and talked about their pleasure with and their expectations of this event. After the opening speeches, Mr. Erdoğan Kalay, Vice Chairperson of the Board of Directors of BEYSAD delivered a brief thank you speech and presented a Thank You Plaque to Mr. Alinur Büyükaksoy. Mr. Alinur Büyükaksoy presented Erdoğan Kalay and Ayşegül Koç, BEYSAD Corporate Communication Manager the certificates of trees planted on their behalf by TEMA Foundation.

Next, Prof. Dr. Orhan Alankuş, Research and Project Development Coordinator gave informationon Okan University and promotions and activities of the Research and Project Development Directorship (ARPROGED) that was operated as the Okan University Technology Transfer.

Assist. Prof. Gamze Gediz İliş from the Department of Mechanical Engineering delivered a presentation on Technology Opportunities and Trends in the White Goods Industry based on her experiences in working for sector-related private companies and shared information on social tendencies, environmental factors, technological tendencies, and life standards with regards to the white goods sector. She mentioned about Internet of Things (IoT) that could have an impact on sector company’s decision making for the future, increasing comfort in domestic life, lessening noise, preserving food, etc. She presented some innovative project proposals that could guide the future of the sector.

One of the most interesting presentations at the event was given by Evrim ÖzgülArçelik, R&D Incentives Team Leader, who started with “We care much about BEYSAD and its operations.” Özgül talked about Arçelik’s journey from past till today regarding R&D in the presentation titled White Goods Sector – Examples Showing Added Value with University Cooperation. Moreover, Özgül mentioned about project examples developed by the R&D personnel and the current project capacity figures.

Next, Assist. Prof. Pınar Öztürkfrom the Department of Industrial Products Design provided us with general information on Okan University Innovative Design Centre in her speech titled Innovative Approaches in Industrial Design. She gave examples of projects developed at the Innovative Design Centre in collaboration with industrial organizations. She presented success stories of the research personnel of the centre.

Assist. Prof. Ceyda Ovacıfrom the Department of International Trade gave us technical and practical information on expanding the perspective for the future of innovation in the White Goods Sector.

Prof. Dr. Güner Gürsoy, Dean of the School of  Economics and Administrative Sciences talked about today’s most popular subject: Industry 4.0; he shared information on how the representatives of the White Goods Sector can be prepared beforehand for the Industry 4.0 with his presentation titled Industry 4.0 and Risks and Gains for the White Goods Sector. He presented assessments in relation to the product, production, supply chain, business administration, management and executives and underlined that with Industry 4.0, many concepts and business manners will change. He said that now the concept is seen only from the technical aspect, but the concept also includes human and management skills and Industry 4.0 will bring administrative and social fluctuations.

The last presentation given was about where and how financial resources can be obtained during all this informative and eye-opening process. Mr. Bülent Erbaş, Manager ofTechnology Transfer Office of ARPROGED gave us very useful information on this aspect with his speech titled EU / Eureka Project Opportunities and Grant Funds. He provided information on national and international project fund resources. Also, he gave us practical information on winning European Union projects.

After these fruitful and complementary presentations, bilateral discussions with our members started and then we went to lunch.

We would like to thank all our members who participated and wish to be with you again at upcoming events.

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