BEYSAD Evaluates BSH From The Perspective Of A Supplier
25 September 2012

Bahadır Balkır, Chairman of the Board of Directors of BEYSAD, was invited to a meeting in Berlin, Germany in July 2010 by Axel Fischer, BSH’s Purchasing Director of Global Washing Machine Plants. BEYSAD Chairman made a presentation evaluating the BSH’s purchasing activities from the perspective of a supplier at this meeting which was attended by senior purchasing executives of BSH’s washing machine plants worldwide. The presentation made on behalf of BEYSAD at this annual event which brought together BSH’s purchasing managers of laundry plants based in 11 plants worldwide was appraised a lot. 

As a follow-up to this event made two years ago, on 25 September 2012 Martin Seidel, BSH’s Purchasing Director in Turkey, hosted an event at The Plaza Otel, Istanbul. The meeting was again attended by senior BSH officials, including Jurgen Ihmsen, BSH’s Vice-President in charge of Global Purchasing. 

BEYSAD was again requested to make a presentation on BSH’s purchasing policies from the perspective of a supplier. 

For the purposes of this presentation, Bahadır Balkır, Chairman of the Board of Directors of BEYSAD, Besim Oktayer, Vice-Chairman of BEYSAD, Hasan Basri Aksu, a BEYSAD board member and Ayşegül Koç, BEYSAD’s Corporate Communication Manager, prepared a 60-slide presentation in collaboration with İltek Medya, a professional media agency, that incorporated BEYSAD members’ opinions about doing business with BSH. 

During one-hour slot allocated to BEYSAD, Besim Oktayer took the floor first and gave information about the overall Turkish appliance industry in addition to informing the audience about the Strategy Paper for the Turkish White Goods Supply Industry, its preparation process and objectives. In the second section Hasan Basri Aksu focused on industrial figures relating to production and export and shared BEYSAD’s opinions about BSH’s purchasing activities from the perspective of a supplier. In the last part Bahadır Balkır made an overall summary and provided BSH with interesting data that would occur as a result of working with more local Turkish suppliers. 

We were very pleased to see that the presentation served the intended purpose, as BSH officials clearly told they were grateful to BEYSAD for this fruitful presentation. We believe this important meeting would be a means for strengthening the collaboration between BSH and Turkish suppliers.

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