BEYSAD completed its application to the White Goods Clustering Support Program
7 March 2018

BEYSAD applied to the Clustering Support Program 3rd Call by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology in September 2017 and the White Goods Clustering Project file was reviewed by the Ministry officials. On Wednesday March 7, 2018, after the project passed the first stages by the invitation of the Ministry, we organized a visit to Ankara Ministry to present our vision and strategies.

The aforementioned presentation was participated by BEYSAD Board President Mr. BurakOzaydemir, Vice Presidents Mr. Erdogan Kalay and Mr. Murat Oney, and Secretary General Mrs. AysegulKoc. The Ministry participated with a Selection Committee of about 10 individuals. 

In the meeting, a presentation was given by BEYSAD on "Clustering Details" and "Clustering Union Vision and Strategy". In this presentation, the clustering project plan that includes Industry 4.0 transformation, increasing R&D capacity and export activities for empowering the sector, increasing direct exports, and producing value added products in Turkey through BEYSAD’s clustering support program was shared. The meeting ended with a Q&A session.

Clustering Support Program’s overall goals are as follows:

  • Increasing the competitive power, innovativeness, and efficiency of the Turkish industry,
  • Getting more share from the global export,
  • Producing predominantly high-technology products,
  • Transformation towards an industry with qualified manpower as well as environmental and social awareness.

The Program’s purpose is to start clustering unions and to strengthen the required cooperation to effectively improve such clustering.

  • The progression towards this purpose will be followed up based on the following indications:
  • The number of legitimate institutions and organizations founded for the purposes of coordination and management of clustering unions and accredited by the Ministry.
  • The number of universities actively taking roles in clustering unions,
  • The number of businesses actively taking roles in clustering unions,
  • The number of companies that increase the level and quality of cooperation with other businesses through clustering unions,
  • The number of shared buildings made through clustering unions and the number of businesses that benefit from such shared buildings,
  • The number of new, renovated and/or improved products on the market as a result of clustering unions.

BEYSAD successfully passed the first 2 stages and is entitled to the audit by the Selection Committee. We would like to proudly share it.

We hope to pass the next stage and share with you the successful results of the Project.  



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