BEYSAD-Amica meeting took place…
18 September 2014

Our main industries abroad frequently request information about certain component manufacturers in their letters to our Association’s headquarters; we share such information with great excitement and then inform our members. Months ago, the Polish company Amica Wronki made such a request. The list we shared with them must have been useful and they must have become more hopeful about the supplier profile in Turkey, which they already knew of; because they returned in quite a short time and told us they wanted to hold a suppliers’ meeting in Turkey, asking about whether we could provide any support as we did in previous years. By all means, we agreed to their request and started to work on the event.

First of all, we delivered to the executives of all our member companies our letter announcing the component groups they had sent us earlier. The number of the members returning to the letter was only 25, yet Amica intended to know much more companies on this occasion. They published one more list, which contributed to an increase in our number. However, because of their heavy workload and frequent business trips taking place as the date of the event got closer, they thought they would be able to allocate only a half day to the bilateral negotiations and they had to make an evaluation over the list of about 50 companies we had delivered to them. In the end, they expressed they they wanted to meet 22 of our companies in the event.

This meaningful event was held in Ramada Taksim Hotel on Thursday, 18 September 2014. 3 officials from Amica attended the meeting, all of whom were from the purchasing department: Purchasing Director Blajez Sroka; Strategic Purchasing Manager Dariusz Lochowicz and Purchasing Supervisor Magdalena Kosicka…

The event started with a group meeting at 11.00 a.m. Burak Özaydemir, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of BEYSAD, hosted this meeting on behalf of our association and made the opening speech by addressing the event, agenda and the significance of the day. He then presented a Thank-You Plaque to Mr. Sroka. Afterwards, Mr. Sroka made an informational presentation about Amica, about their objectives here and intentions. He stated that they attached great importance to Turkey, and since they did not have an association like BEYSAD in their country, they considered this association very important and they wanted to benefit from this event.

Notes from the speech:

With Samsung having purchased a certain part of Amica, the officials have arrived today in order to find suppliers for their cookers and oven plants. They supply their Washing Machines and Dishwashers by having them manufactured under contract in Turkey. Until last year, they had supplied Cooker Hoods and Refrigerators as well from Turkey. They have not provided any information about the current situation. They have plants only in Poland; but they made a new investment in Spain and intend to penetrate the market.

They currently make new investments in Poland as well and while the current production figure is 1 million 350 thousand units, they want to increase this figure to 1 million 650 thousand in 2016.

Their most ambitious products are solo ovens. They are also assertive about the radiant technology (Highlight heating method), and they continuously get better about the induction oven technology. Their relevant sales figure in the Russian market is noteworthy.

The company have been granted the Red Dot Design Awards. Their audits are carried out by their own experts; they do not work with an intermediary firm.

After the presentation, the questions of our members were kindly responded, and then dinner time came. One of the questions was about the current business volumes in Turkey; and the company officials told one of their aims here was to work on these figures and to increase them.

Following the dinner, bilateral negotiations were held in 3 rooms. And at the end of the day, Bahadır Balkır, Chairman of the Board of Directors of BEYSAD, held an assessment meeting attended by three officials from Amica as well. They expressed their satisfaction about this perfect organization, and told that the meeting was highly efficient.

We would like thank our participating companies and wish to serve you again in other efficient organizations.

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